Gay massage in Spain
Beard massage

Beard massage

Beard massage or using the masseur’s beard to massage your sensitive spots is something sensual. And really special!

“Could you please brush your bear against my chest?”

This is how it started with this young customer. He was a bit shy and waited until half the session was over. But this last part of the massage was the most intense to him and he was able to climax twice. This massage grip was what really turned him on!

What is beard massage

Masseurs are using hands, forearms and also chest, feet and legs to perform the skin to skin body contact. This is how we touch and communicate sensuality and erotic stimulation.

Other masseur’s body parts can also have a very exciting effect on your body.

My beard feels like a soft brush. Using it to stroke your nipples, chest and even the inner sides of your legs can have a really exciting effect.

Beard massage techniques

There are different ways to brush my beard on your body.

  • Very soft contact
  • Circular rubs
  • Gradually stronger pressure
  • Combining my beard and my lips

All these have a different erotic intensity. It depends very much on what feels more exciting to you. This is a very personal and customisable massage technique.

Gay beard massage

Many gay men love beards! Not all though, but the ones who do might also have this fetish of being touched and stroked by a man’s beard.

I’m a hairy guy. I don’t just sport a beard. My whole body is hairy. I’m what many call a “bear”. Tall, strong, hairy.

I can use all my body parts to perform erotic massages. To me there are no limits but my imagination and the way you react to my stimulation.

Beard massage in Barcelona

Here in Barcelona you can enjoy a very special gay erotic massage with me. My foundation is Tantra erotic bodywork, and this is a huge universe of grips, techniques and attitudes. And it is also an expanding universe!

The goal is always your pleasure!

I can serve you at your hotel. And you can also visit at my massage studio in the city center. Both in-call and out-call are service options I’m used to offer on a daily basis.

Beard massage is included in Prostate massage and naked massage.

Order your beard massage

I am available 24 hours. If you plan ahead of time any hour of the day or night is possible. Just call and let me know your preferences!

Paco: +34676648226

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See you in Barcelona!