Gay massage in Spain
Anal pleasure

Anal pleasure

Anal pleasure is a special massage feature. You are welcomed to discover it if you are new to this. Men who know they love it just have to ask for it!

But against all thoughts, not everyone knows what it is about. Not to mention what it is involving in the context of an erotic Tantra massage.

Defining anal pleasure

Human anus is a very complex anatomic part. Lots of things are happening here. It is also the “back-door” of our system, and just because of that it needs to work perfectly.

The colon has a very high density of nerve terminations. This means sensitivity is extremely high. As in our hands and sexual organs.

You can say the anus also works as a sexual organ in many aspects.

Anal techniques

This one small spot has different pleasure dimensions. You can work it from three different areas and angles, and all of them feel different and one better than the next!

“Black kiss”

Well I’m just using my hands. But you’ll think I’m performing a black kiss on you. I use my fingers to stimulate your sphincter. This is something incredibly amazing. Just like that your anus will open to some even more intense pleasure.

The feeling of relaxation and well-being is just unique!

You can request to have this with Jack. He masters rimming!

Anal massage

Once open to my fingers I will be able to work inside you. Your brain is not able to locate the precise points I’ll be working on, but you’ll feel a very sweet sexual excitement.

This kind of sexual pleasure feels very different from the regular penis pleasure.

Prostate stimulation

They sometimes call it the “G-spot”. This is an amazing spot to excite you. And you can also experience an anal orgasm just by using pressure and rubbing the right spots inside you.

“I could get addicted to this! You are a master!”

The taboo of anal pleasure

You can blame religions for seeing the anus as a taboo body part. Religions have been created by mankind. And human culture be very un-natural.

The fact is that the anus can be a source of amazing pleasure. It is in all human DNA that our anuses allow a use for sexual activities. All men can feel it!

If it works, why should we ban it?

Gay anal pleasure

Gay men discovered anal pleasure ever since. Talk about ancient Greeks! Gay men are using anal pleasure in a very natural way. Spontaneity is always the best context.

Many straight people think that us gay men are using our anuses because we do not have a vagina. Wrong! Anus is a source of incredible pleasure! And in a very natural way.

We all have been built to enjoy some blissful pleasure …if we know how to do it.

Once a lady came to me and asked me for prostate stimulation. She just needed to have it!

“I’m afraid you don’t have a prostate!”

She left absolutely devastated. This was some really bad news to her!

Straight anal pleasure

Gay men and almost all women think that straight men don’t like anal pleasure. Well this is amazingly wrong.

A huge amount of straight men have had it at some point, and not necessarily as a gay sexual experience.

“I felt so ashamed to ask this lady for anal stimulation! Speaking to you from man to man this feels absolutely natural. I am not interested in men but I know you’ll do it more than well!”

I’m having a huge amount of straight customers who know that a male masseur is able to provide the best prostate stimulation. Gay masseurs as me don’t have all those prejudices. There are some female erotic masseuses in Barcelona who master it though! Just check

“Your massage, and specifically your prostate massage has been just amazing! I had like five orgasms in 75 minutes!”

Discovering anal pleasure

It takes this small amount of daring to discover anal pleasure with me.

If you are visiting Barcelona at some point just contact me.

I can serve you right in your hotel room as an out-call service. And you are also welcomed to visit my studio in the city center.

It is necessary we speak a minute about all this. Each and every customer has different expectations, and only after listening to you I’ll be able to adapt. You total satisfaction is my goal!

Book a massage for anal pleasure

Booking a massage to discover, enjoy and getting addicted to anal pleasure is as easy as contacting me. You can use the phone, an SMS message o even email.

Paco: +34676648226

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