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Social media

Social media is a relevant part of any online communication plan. And I take communication seriously!

Social media

Social media help us communicate. Each platform is good for some specific purposes.

Direct communication with Social media

Of course I am managing all these social media by myself. This way I can guarantee you a honest and direct communication. Nobody else is answering your questions but me.


Personal pictures on


And much more on liknkedIn!

Social media and pictures

All the pictures I’m sharing are depicting me and my team-members. Some men ask me if it’s really me and us. And if this is the guy who is going to provide their desired massage service.


This is me and my team on all of the pictures!

I am an honest man. So I see no advantages in stealing other guys’ photos.

Nor on retouching my pictures with image editors. Once you meet me personally or any of our team-members you will see the guy you chose from these pictures.

Many masseurs and escorts request their photographers to enlarge their penises. Since I’m not an escort I don’t need to do this!

Social media and adult content

As you can see, I have no problems by exposing  myself. Social media instead are very concerned about nudity. I can understand all their reasons.

Sometimes I’m showing masseurs who are working with me as Matt, Leo and Tyson. I have all their legal permissions signed.

Go on exploring my website!

Call me. I’m Paco: +34 676 648 226

You’ll find amazing contents and nice pictures. The nicest stuff though is enjoying my massage!

See you soon in Barcelona!