Gay massage in Spain


I guess there are as many¬†FAQs as customers ūüėČ

First off, please understand we are a team of different masseurs, so our limits are different.

All your questions will be very welcomed! Contact me over the phone, this is the easiest way to discuss any subject. You can also e-mail me if you are not in the need of a last minute short notice appointment.

Please let me know what worries you. What doubts do you have about my gay erotic massage service? I will answer as soon I can!

Here are some of the most frequent questions.

What are your opening times?

I work 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

But please don’t take me for granted: plan ahead of time to ensure my availability for a specific time range. There are some really busy days and times when we tend to be overbooked.

Massage after midnight?

Yes I am available! Please have in mind though that this is the most requested time slot. Last minute appointments are always around midnight and even 2 AM.

I am obviously not able to answer calls or e-mail during a massage session.

Last minute call?

Try it and call now! I might be still free!

Can you come to my hotel room?

Sure! There is no problem! I will go to your door directly without speaking to the hotel staff.

I know the best hotels in Barcelona and serving you in your room is really easy and fast.

Are you bringing the massage oils?

Everything we need! And some more stuff as well: massage creams, music, some one-use sheets to protect your bed, humid towels to clean you up.

Some hotels give a small amount of amenities so I also bring my own soap. This way you won’t run out of your personal hotel amenities. My goal is always the best service for your convenience.

Do you have a studio?

Yes. I use a studio in the real city center, minutes from Plaça Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia. A really convenient place, easy to get to and easy to find on a broad avenue. No weird locations!

Gay massage studio.

My studio is always clean, discrete, elegant and perfectly equipped. It is a professional massage studio.

FAQs: What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage¬†is massage as well, but it gets more intimate, more private, more sensual… it gets sexually exciting, and we can share some really special moments. You guessed: it is closer to sex!

Why don’t you call it just “sex”?

Because it’s not. Massage is a full body treatment. I am using all of my body parts except my mouth, my dick and my anus. So there’s no oral sex, no penetration. It is the perfect intersection of massage and sex, the best of both worlds!

We recently added the new Fusion Tantra massage which incorporates oral sex.

Try it and you’ll discover a new dimension to sexuality and intimate communication.

FAQs: Do I have to be gay?

Nope! You just have to be yourself, as I am. I am serving all kinds of men. Each and every man has specific and unique preferences.

Just for tag-lovers: let’s say I’m serving straight men, bisexual men and gay men. And celibate men who are looking for something really special as well!

How far can we go?

We will go really far, but expect me to stick to your initial request. The main reason sis respect. Most of the men have limits I always respect.

Additionally, there are different massage menus and prices to choose from.

Honestly, you need to experience this to have the exact idea!

In some¬†countries the term “massage” is equivalent to “sex”. If this is what you are looking for¬†please check Matt’s personal services here:¬†

Do you kiss?

Matt does kiss, though Paco does not.

Please be aware that we are serving several men a day. It’s not only for hygienic and health reasons, it is because massage is about using the hands and the body. With my hands I can make you feel the same as using my mouth and my ass. No kinds of risk though!

Please check the specific prices for massage extras.

FAQs: Do you rim?

Nope. But using my hands you’ll think you are enjoying it!

If rimming is relevant to you just call me to discuss the details.

FAQs: do you penetrate?

Masseurs are not escorts. So not all of us do all the practises. Though we can adapt to your requests.

Matt for example:

We can stimulate your sphincter, anus and prostate to achieve an amazing sexual intensity. Many of my customers achieve anal orgasms.

Do you penetrate if I give you a tip?

We are professional. If you need an escort service please check Matt and his specific upscale sex services here:

Do you accept oral sex?

We added oral sex to our services. Please read Tantra Fusion massage menu.

If you need giving and receiving oral sex also check Matt here:

FAQs: Can I pay with the credit card?

Yes. Any major credit card except American Express. Please let me know so I bring the terminal along with me!

Do you travel?

Yes. It is very important you call me on the phone to discuss the details.

Can you serve a couple at the same time?

Sure! I serve couples of all kinds. Married men, straight couples, bisexual couples, friends, colleagues. Sitting together on the bed or futon¬†and having a drink we can discuss some details. You’ll really enjoy it! All couples do!

You don’t have to share my service though. We can plan it in many different ways. Always according to your personal preferences, needs and limits!

FAQs and direct contact

I am the one answering everything ‚ÄĒpersonally. No agency! No middleman!

Any other question?

Please let me know! You can contact me in many ways ‚ÄĒcheck above.

Call me if there’s something bugging you! Paco: +34 676 648 226

I’ll be very happy to serve you!

Please also visit the prices, testimonials and my full website:

See you soon in Barcelona!