About Gay Massage in Barcelona

Gay massage in Spain
About Gay Massage Barcelona

About Gay Massage in Barcelona

Gay Massage Barcelona is the erotic massage service to satisfy the demand of gay and bisexual men —also for straight men! So for each and every man who needs to enjoy a wonderful massage!

Both in-call and out-call options! For the same prices!

We will be very happy to welcome you at our gay massage studio in Barcelona!

Of course, in the best location in town! Right in the heart of central Barcelona!

Or call us to visit you in your hotel room! That’s wat we call out-call!

The team for gay massage Barcelona

We are a group of male masseurs. We live and work in Barcelona.

Though our male masseurs team might changeover time, the most relevant masseurs are:

  • Paco
  • Matt
  • Tom
  • Leo
  • Angelo
  • Jack
  • Yamal

We usually update the available masseurs database on the page gay massage directory Barcelona. So check it and find out the latest news about us!

We will get into more detail about all of us at the bottom of this page though. So please go on reading!

Sexy chemistry
Sexy chemistry

Gay massage Barcelona

This massage is performed by a man to a man who is receiving the therapy.

The massage I can offer you goes a bit further than just plain therapy massage. It is a massage involving sensuality and can also be extremely erotic.

And extremely erotic means extremely exciting —sexually!

Many men refer yo our massage style using the term erotic massage. So that’s our special!

Learn more about the different massage therapies we can offer you in Barcelona:

  • Naked Massage
  • Prostate Massage
  • Relaxing Massage

You can also call Paco anytime to ask for even more specific and personal information:

Paco: +34 676 648 226

Gay Massage Barcelona is a special male on male massage service. So it is perfect to be enjoyed by gay men, bisexual men and also straight men. Because all those who prefer the male touch can find the perfect massage with us!

Gay massage team in Barcelona

So we are a team of several male masseurs! Please scroll down to see all the pictures of our present male masseurs.

Gay masseur Paco

First of all, Paco is the leader and the manager of Gay massage Barcelona. Paco started this service in 2010. And afterwards he started this website about 6 years ago.

Paco is now a mature man, a “young daddy“. Hence this is how many of his customers, friends and fans like to tag him.

“I worship daddies, but you are in shape and really sexy! And the best masseur I ever tried!”

Paco is a hairy and tall man, strong and attractive. The most relevant asset though is his expertise in many kinds of erotic massages. Eroticism is his talent. And sensuality is also his calling!

With Paco you are always safe and in the best hands!

Paco is serving gay massages in Barcelona’s hotels

Growing the team

A few months after introducing my service through this website I started having many calls.

Not only from customers though! Many masseurs wanted to join me to have more quality work.

Then I started interviewing some guys who I found interesting. Many of them are still with me in the team, as Tyson, Matt and Leo. They proved to be absolutely professional and also get much much love from the clients!

Gay masseur Matt

Matt is a young bisexual man. He is smooth and sports s few tattoos. His most relevant assets, following his customers’ opinions, are his huge dick and his sweet approach to erotic massage.

Matt has been working as en escort as well. He can certainly complement his erotic massage service with other special features.

“XXL dicks are a must to me. Matt’s penis is beyond amazing!”

Gay massage Matt
Gay massage Matt

Finally, Matt has his own website, where you can also check new pictures and his specific prices: www.gay-massage.sexy

Matt can offer you a really wide range of services.

Gay masseur Angelo

Angelo joined our team in 2017. He is a very young Caribbean guy, very tall and defined. His cinnamon skin feels so warm and sexy! Trust his expertise! His big hands are able to take you to an amazing trip! Some customers tag him as a blatino masseur.

New gay masseur Angelo
New gay masseur Angelo

Gay masseur Tyson

Tyson started working with Paco about ten years ago. They created a unique gay massage concept in Barcelona: “Black & White“, which was about a very special interracial erotic massage for individual gay men and gay couples.

“There are only a few black masseurs in Barcelona! Tyson though is the only professional. He is the best!”

Tyson is a mature black man of Caribbean origins. He masters Tantric massage for gay men and bisexual men. He also shares our personal studio in the city center.

Tyson is about to leave the massage industry soon.

Tyson gay massage
Tyson gay massage


Please call Paco to ask for Tyson.

Paco: +34 676 648 226 

Gay masseur Leo

Leo has been working with us intermittently since 2014. Now he finally settled in Barcelona for good!

Leo is an incredibly cheerful and energetic guy! Always optimistic, and always horny and frisky!

Leo masters all sorts of massages, from deep tissue therapy treatments to extremely daring and sexual bodywork. Ask us!

Alpha male Leo
Alpha male Leo

Gay masseur Amir

Amir is this cheerful and constantly smiling young man! Incredibly attractive his very special way! He joined our team in 2018, so he is still very fresh. He is earning excellent reviews!

Amir Gay massage
Amir Gay massage

Gay masseur Demetrios

And finally our youngest member in the team: Demetrios. He is totally smooth and has no tattoos at all. Honestly, Demetrios is frequently traveling, so he’s sometimes not available. Though this is his calling, and he is earning excellent reviews!

What is gay massage?

Finally, there are many ways to describe and to define gay quality massage. The most relevant aspect is the fact it is some bodywork happening between two men. Or even three, if you wish to enjoy a four-hands massage!

Gay massage Barcelona is providing the highest quality service in Barcelona.

These are some of the most evident assets our gay massage therapies include:

  • Massage for men
  • Erotic bodywork
  • Sensual massage
  • Intimate massage
  • Emotional therapy
  • Releasing massage
  • Mutual touch
  • Naked massage
  • Tantric massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Nuru massage
  • Fetish massage

On this blog you will find descriptions and thoughts about all of these aspects and many more!

Massage for men

Men are able to choose with whom they’d like to enjoy a special massage. To me any personal choice is absolutely legitimate!

Some men are choosing female masseuses though. While some others prefer to be served by a male masseur. And this is us because gay massage Barcelona is the most requested team!

Because your freedom of choice is one of our priorities. We believe there is no pleasure if a person is not able to choose. Certainly all of these aspects define our service!

Gay men, bisexual men and even straight men can choose a male masseur. And among all of us there is quite an interesting range of options!

  • Young masseurs
  • Expert masseurs
  • Alpha male masseurs
  • Smooth masseurs
  • Hairy masseurs
  • Uncut masseurs
  • Cut masseurs
  • Caucasian masseurs
  • Black masseurs
  • Mixed race masseurs

Just call us and let us know your preferences!

Erotic bodywork

Therapy massage or legitimate massage is never including sensuality. So not to mention sexual excitement and final release!

Our massage is exactly about these:

  • Intimate spots
  • Sexual stimulation
  • Different intimate grips
  • Mutual touch
  • Orgasm
  • Final release
  • Ejaculation
  • Tantric awareness
  • Intimate communications

Please choose your massage menu according to your preferences. Because not all of our massages include all of the aspects!

Gay massage Barcelona can offer you a really wide range of massage menus. Please check our massage prices.

If you are curious about tantric massage please read gay tantric massage!

Sensual massage

Sensuality is a relevant part for both our emotional and our physical life experiences. Most of the men on earth are unable to live without sensuality.

Though sensuality come along with a lot of different concepts that are oftentimes forgotten in our daily priorities.

At Gay massage Barcelona we take care of all of them!

  • Intimacy
  • Tenderness
  • Foreplay
  • Skin communication
  • Emotional balance
  • Sexual balance
  • Calm and peace
  • A bubble in time
  • Awareness

We all need a time absolutely separate from daily worries. Because stress is a bad travel companion to too many men!

Intimate massage

Our daily lives lack of intimacy to an extent you can’t hardly imagine!

We get many testimonials about the need of tenderness and intimacy.

“I just needed this! And I’m so happy you provided exactly what I was dreaming of! Some man on man intimacy, your amazing complicity and your sympathy from the first minute on!”

So we have the talents to perform the really intimate massage you need now.

Share this complicity with us!

Emotional therapy

Everything about healthy emotions is a therapy. Feeling and being balanced is certainly relevant in our personal lives.

So take some action and proof you really do care about your personal balance!

Because erotic massages can be deeply satisfying in many emotional aspects.

Mutual touch

Most of gay men have really intense sexual lives. They have different partners every day and perform a rally wide range of sexual practices.

To many of them though there is a feeling of shallowness after all these casual encounters.

“There was no mutual touch. Just some genital action. No connection. Even no look in the eyes. No soul. I don’t even remember if he told me his name. Though he did not ask mine for sure”.

Certainly erotic bodywork does establish the desired intimate connection. That’s when mutual touch becomes a deeper connection. So man to man with a honest and genuine smile.

Therefore tantric massage makes of mutual touch a really meaningful experience.

This is why many men request us our mindful massage.

Many other men who state to be bisexual or even straight tell us they have a quite slow sexual life.

These men value the mutual touch as it was gold. These are the most thankful men!

“I needed to explore the mutual touch with a man. I have been delaying this for about 20 years. And I’m really happy I did it with you! My compliments for your amazing job!”

Naked massage

Being naked in the company of another man is a very special moment.

Yes, you can probably watch naked men in the locker rooms of your gym. Or even watch porn anytime home!

The closeness and the intimacy the naked massage is able to give you much more. And it is not comparable to any other man on man experience.

So enjoy our male company and our talent for erotic bodywork for men!

So choose to have our Gay massage Barcelona!

Releasing massage

Sexual excitement can get very very intense with us! Hence you’ll feel the desire and even the urge to climax.

We see this as a part of our job. Hence we see your climaxing as a natural part of our job.

While other masseurs will not give you a helping hand, we will.

Your orgasm feels absolutely spontaneous and natural to us.

You will therefore feel a very deep satisfaction. In a natural way, so never forced and always genuine!

Tantric massage

Gay tantric massage is about all these, though adding a lot of special features. When we sepak about tantric massage for men we mean all these:

  • Awareness
  • Ritual
  • Tenderness
  • Mindful massage
  • Male intimacy
  • Ejaculation control
  • Longer enjoyment time
  • Spiritual experience
  • Emotional balance
  • Sinless experience

When men a re afraid of sin and guilt, they usually switch to tantric massage.

There is a very important difference between tantric massage and tantric sex, as you can now imagine!

Tantric massage is never including oral sex nor penetration. So everything we will be doing together can’t be seen as cheating on your partner. You will achieve sexual pleasure avoiding what many men call explicit sex.

Fetish massage

If all this was not enough, we also offer even more specific erotic services.

“Many masseurs just hang up the phone when I try to explain my fantasies. You took your time to listen to me though. And you also provided the best fetish massage to fulfil my erotic fantasies!”

Some men have very special needs. When we speak about feet, tickling, hairy masseurs, daddy masseurs, uncut masseurs, then we speak about fetish. Also watersports massage, black masseurs or even dominant masseurs. A few guys have requested teddy bear massage as well.

Because the world of fetish massage is endless we are absolutely unable to mention each and every fetish here.

Call us though and let’s speak!

Be honest about your expectations

Another fact is that many men ordering a legitimate therapy massage are actually dreaming about something more intimate. Sometimes we have this recurring fantasy of being seduced by the masseur.

Gay massage Barcelona is a way to describe our service in a basic way. We should always add the word “erotic” or “sensual” though.

Be careful though and don’t expect this from a therapeutical masseur! He can feel insulted or even stalked!

Therefore our Gay massage Barcelona is probably the best service to fulfil your highest expectations.

Choose your sensual masseur consequently. Please choose carefully and do only decide on the masseurs who are honestly describing their service. Otherwise, don’t expect to seduce any therapist who is not into sensual massages at all!

Explore our blog

There is much more to explore in here! Please check our blog!

Erotic massage by female masseuses

Though we are specialised in gay massage Barcelona we also know our feminine professional counterparts. Even more, we happen to know how to find the best female masseuses in Barcelona. Also in Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza.

So if you wish to enjoy a massage by a lady please check www.hotelmassage.eu

See you soon in Barcelona!

Be honest to yourself: do you prefer a male escort instead of a masseur? Ask me about Matt.