Black Friday discount

Gay Black Friday discount

Black Friday discount

Black Friday discount is obviously for a very limited time! So don’t miss this chance!

Don¡t be too late since Leo is offering huge discounts during Black Friday. And he’s getting many calls already!

Scroll down to check all the different options he’s including for discount!

Black Friday discount

As you already know, Black Friday is a tradition that is boosting in the last years. I guess the crisis made some businesses very creative!

On these dates the discounts are usually offered for electronic retail. Though all sorts of markets have followed and adopted this tradition.

So these days you can buy almost everything you need!

Also a gay massage in Barcelona!

Leo: Black Friday discount

So Leo is this young and defined masseur. He has a huge sexual appetite, so he enjoys giving many massages a day! Especially during Black Friday!

Leo is in our gay masseurs team since 2015, and he gets very horny whenever a day like this comes close.

So he’s the first one to request a discount campaign!

Leo is starting his discounts with 20% But he’s going up too 33%!

Go on reading! You want to know everything about it!

Huge Black Friday discount for massage!

Leo is willing to perform our most popular massage for just 65% of his real value.

Namely out 90 minutes naked massage.

This is our most popular massage menu, priced at 300 € for 90 minutes.

Leo’s offer is bold:

Instead of 300 € he will only charge 200 €!

Of course you need to be quick! So call ass soon as possible. He has limited appointment slots, so the first guys calling will have them.

Black Friday discount of 33%

This is our most popular massage menu, priced at 300 € for 90 minutes.

Though you will only pay 200 € during Black Friday!

  • Extremely sexy!
  • Interacting and participating massage
  • Extended massage time!
  • You are allowed to touch also our intimate parts!
  • Longest time of tantric ejaculation control
  • Including erotic shower
  • Also prostate massage
  • More than two climaxes!

With a free drink in our studio!

You can also visit Leo at our gay massage studio.

This massage menu is also available for the same price as outcall gay massage. This means in your own hotel room!

Black Friday discount of 20%

All other Leo’s massage menus have an incredible 20 % of discount!

Leo’s 60 minute naked massage is just 160 € instead of 200 €!

Also his 60 minute prostate massage is just 120 € instead of 150 €!

For those who never tried Leo, you can start with his amazing Relaxing massage.

Pay just 95 € instead of 120!

Discount for extras!

Leo’s extras as oral sex also do have an amazing discount!

So instead of paying 50 € additional for oral sex, pay just 40 €!

We are quite sure you’ll want the Black Friday campaign to be extended for many more days! So stay tuned!

Black Friday discount limits

Limits are obviously the available time slots.

We are certain you’ll understand that Leo is having many more calls than what he can actually serve. So be smart and plan ahead of time!

Call Paco on +34 676 648 226 to make your reservation!

Also the fact that only Leo is offering discounts. So this means that Matt, Paco, Jack, Izam and Tyson are not offering discounts.

See you soon in Barcelona!

If discounts are not your style you can always choose Paco or Matt!

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