Bisexual men

Bisexual men

Bisexual men

Bisexual men are difficult to find. Maybe because only a few of them tag themselves as bisexual —and those aren’t the true ones. So the genuine bisexual men are a little bit like unicorns. Sometimes they just show up though!

“What’s the issue? I like Bach and I like Metallica. So wtf”.

What are bisexual men

First off, I think everybody knows what a bisexual man is, but it is relevant to discuss some special details.

I frequently state that I don’t believe in tags of any kind. Because life and human psychology are huge mysteries to me —and to many. The fascinating kind of mysteries, to be precise. And because I think nobody can put himself into such a small box like tags.

Sexuality is also a complex aspect of our human nature. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus said, it is impossible to bathe twice in the same water. Because the river never stops flowing.

Such as life is! Every new day we wake up to a new sky. And new things happen to us.

Though we might know what our preferences are, sometimes life surprises us with the most unexpected.

Intimacy is a right

I guess bisexual men are flexible enough —not only with surprises!

“I both feel attracted to men and women. And I have always been”.

Frequently bisexual gentlemen don’t share this information piece. Nor always not to every one. And this is absolutely legitimate.

“I think I don’t need to tag myself. And I also never discuss this. Gay men can’t understand I might sleep with a lady. And viceversa. So I better keep it to myself. Because many people tend to be judgemental. Not on my life, please”.

Married bisexual men

I have no clue as to what the proportions are though. Are there more men married to ladies and having sex with other men —also called “Down Low“? Or is the majority the bisexual guys apparently living as singles?

The ones that I get to know are the guys who speak openly, like this nice man:

“I am married to my wife. Of course she does not suspect I might be getting naked with other men. I don’t know if she’d ever understand this. Not to mention accept it!”

Also very young men come to my massage studio to undergo a kind of test.

“I am in a relationship with a lady. But I need to experience this. I get very excited when I’m among other men. Do you think I’m gay?”

The evolving man

I recently found out that many men feel they are straight. Until a very specific point in their lives.

“Suddenly when I turned 40 I felt attracted to men. It was a shock at first. Because I didn’t want to accept this. But I surprised myself searching online for pictures of naked men. Now it is a bit too recurring to ignore it”.

I also met some men who have been gay for their fist 30 years. Once they meet a special lady they “switch gears” and become straight.

“I don’t see myself as gay or straight. Simply monogamous though. When I was attached to my ex boyfriend I was only seeing him. Now I’m only seeing my current partner who happens to be a woman. I wouldn’t say I’m bisexual though”.

Some specialists tag these cases as “sexual fluidity“.

Bisexual men and massage

As I published in previous posts, erotic massage is a very safe experience to test yourself. Precisely the m4m massage is what many bisexual men are looking for.

“I don’t dare having sex with another man. It’s still too early! Because I need to test this cautiously. I need to take my time and have the certainty that I have control over what we’re doing here. So a massage is the right experience. This way I can ask you to accept my own limits. We will see how it goes from there”.

“I read other testimonials about your sensual bodywork. And this is exactly what makes me feel safe. You don’t seem to be pushing your massage receivers to something they don’t desire to have. So you make me feel absolutely safe!”

Yes, massage or at least massage with me has all these guaranties. I always respect your limits. As i ask customers to respect mine as well!

Gay men who prefer bisexual mates

To some gay men the bisexual lifestyle feels quite fascinating. Especially gay men who are looking for fuck-buddies. Because they feel the married man is convenient in many aspects.

“We both have little time for escapades. Because we are always busy with job. So we can plan our dates and go on with our lives right after. He is always remarking that he feels socially accepted and safe as a straight man”.

No strings relationship, no emotional involving. And on top of this, the additional sexy thoughts that he’s also having sex with women.

“I am partnered with a straight married guy. Also proud to say that I’m his only guy. On the side, though the only man!”

Name dropping also have a tag for these sort of relationships: bromance (a post in Spanish). As you can see, there are men for all flavours! Which I think is just wonderful.


There are many more issues to talk about. As I said before, bisexual men are fascinating to me. Especially because they share my opinion about not using tags for sexual preferences.

The most respectable fact about all human beings in the world is evolution. We are born as unique beings. Year by year we grow and our needs are constantly changing.

We can be unhappy or happy beings depending on how we interact with the neighbour and the world. Do we get what makes us happy from the people around us? Are we able to look for our own happiness by ourselves?

  • We are unique: we don’t need tags
  • Our intimate preferences are legitimate
  • Environment can help us
  • We are evolving year by year in all aspects
  • Emotions are not set in stone
  • Protect your emotional balance
  • Be curious and try new stuff!

Please feel free to call me anytime! I am very open to honest conversations.

I am the so-called daddy masseur, so more expert than younger guys. Though I understand the legitimate preferences of sume gentlemen to choose among many other exclusive masseurs.

Please check other contents on bisexual men on testimonials. Also some of my erotic stories are covering this issue.

If you prefer bisexual escorts please check Matt!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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