Bi-curious men massage (1)

Bi-curious men massage

Bi-curious men massage (1)

Bi-curious men massage is a very special experience. Why?

More and more straight men feel the curiosity of discovering the mutual male touch. Because this idea is sexually exciting to them.

Though as a straight man you’ll want to feel safe. And feeling safe is the opposite of feeling pushed into some forced or uncomfortable situation. I believe personal limits are relevant and should always be respected.

How can I address all this?

Bi-curious men massage

Dare to discover the Bi-curious men massage. It is a very sexy massage you can enjoy in Barcelona with me. I can adapt to many of your preferences, also as an out-call hotel massage or in my private gay massage studio.

Though first read a few things you maybe need to have in mind. Just to feel safe!

Risk and bi-curious men massage

Sometimes bisexual men feel some fear and even guilt. Because entering an unknown field in personal experiments could feel like risking. Risking virility, risking self-esteem. Also a certain sense of guilt.

But the curiosity is so strong that there is a moment you take the decision:

It’s time to try it now!”

These straight men are usually called “bi-curious men” in the gay slang. They will not leave their straight tag and preferences, but will wish to explore a certain bi-sexuality.

Maybe just for once!

I already stated oftentimes in this blog that I don’t like tags. Such as “gay”, “bisexual” or “straight”. Because the human being’s emotional and sexual lives are dynamic. These days this has been called sexual fluidity.

This concept may sound like the water in a river. You only got once through certain situations. So we change constantly. Once we learned a lesson we probably won’t need this knowledge anymore. Though it will help us to face many other situations in life.

Bi-curious men massage

Let’s get back to our post!

Massage is the safest environment to test your curiosity. I know there are straight men feeling terribly curious about the idea of being touched by another man. And also excited about actually touching another man. In other words, there is an intriguing curiosity to share male touch, to share a secret moment of male intimacy.

Think of locker rooms, urinals, some remembrances from High School dorms… we all know our past and the moments when we feel attracted to a forbidden situation. Some give in at that very minute, though some don’t. Those who do not may carry an enormous weight that gets heavier and heavier with the passing of time.

So when the hell is the right time?

Naked bi-curious men massage

The sole idea of being naked in the presence of another man is sexually arousing to many straight men. This does not change their tag for sexual orientation nor sexual habits and preferences. We are just speaking about a curiosity. It might and might not have consequences after putting it to test.

Check the features I can offer you for the naked massage.

And the right place!

Many of my international customers —who I also call “friends”— told me this:

Being far away from home is the right place to test this. Because I don’t walk around this area. So I will be able to forget this experience since I’ll be far from here in a few hours”.

I believe in individual freedom. And also in individual and unique choices. While this could be a bad idea from someone, it helps some other guys.

I will speak about the safest options to live up this dream of Bi-curious men massage in the next post.

And also about the immediate consequences of giving in to this intimate experiment.

In the meantime —a couple days— please be welcomed to check my website:

Any questions? Do you wish to speak to me on the phone? Paco: +34 676 648 226

See you in Barcelona!

If you prefer I can contact you with young gay masseurs since I am an expert already. Or call me a daddy masseur if you wish. Matt is also offering some very safe experiences though you’d rather call it sex:

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