Beyond erotic massage

Beyond erotic massage

Beyond erotic massage

Beyond erotic massage can be an intriguing way to put it. Namely because we all know “beyond therapy massage” is erotic massage.

So what’s beyond erotic massage?

Is there something else we never dared to imagine before?

Beyond therapy massage

Many of my customers tell me they have had lots of chiropractic massages. So legitimate massages, in other words. These are the kind of treatments that avoid any sort of sensuality. Not to mention release or mutual touch!

Frequently we get calls like these, asking for:

“Something that goes a bit further than a plain massage”.

No problem! We are used to this, since this is exactly our job!

The funny thing comes when some guys ask us to go even further than where we always go:

“Something that goes a bit further than a plain erotic massage. You know what I mean —blink”.

Well this a whole new place to go! Though don’t think we have never been there!

Beyond erotic massage

Sensual massages for gay men go already quite far, for the record. Mutual touch, mutual masturbation, prostate massage, release, erotic shower. You name it!

There are many requests that do cross some lines.

Wehere are the lines though?

  • Masseurs use their hands: to us, this is just the starting point
  • Ever tried our amazing naked massage?
  • We also use our bodies
  • We let you touch us —intimately
  • Body to body massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Shower together

As you can see, there are multiple lines —set in different places. Because each and every man has his own erotic fantasies.

Beyond erotic massage: tantric massage

Tantric massage is known for its level of intimacy. This bodywork style can get very intimate, very hot, very sexy. Therefore also very dangerous.

Since once you achieve this level of intimacy, things start to roll down the hill as a snow ball.

Because mutual sexual excitement can get you out of control. Tantric massage though is about control. We want it to last as long as possible, and the masseur should always be under control.

“It shows you also enjoy the intimate aspects of the massage. This is relevant to me since I feel we are sharing something. I am aware I was not just the receiver”.

Beyond erotic massage: oral sex

Now it’s time to introduce you to Matt, Leo, Angelo and Jack. They are my partners in this job. They all are extremely wise in many sorts of sensual massages. Though also in stuff you can easily identify as going much further than just massage. It is on the opposite shore, the place everybody calles “sex”.

If you are interested please check Matt’s website and see what he can do for you!

Massage studio in Barcelona

Paco, Matt, Fred and Tyson share the same options. We can all serve you in your hotel as an outcall massage service.

And we can welcome you at our gay massage studio in the city center. Our apartment is absolutely private, professional, quiet and clean. We only perform one session at a time. Maximum two, for a gay couple or two friends coming together. You can have your massages together or in separate rooms though.

Please call us to set up an appointment!

Paco: +34676648226

Fusion: beyond erotic massage

Paco is the guy writing this. I am never offering oral sex nor penetration. Just because I can’t offer this to everybody. I chose massage as my job because this is universal. So I feel absolutely able to serve just everybody. So I don’t feel the same way when it comes to sex.

There is one option though: a massage menu I call Tantra Fusion. Call me and we can discuss the details!

Paco: +34676648226

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