Better than home

Better than home

Better than home

“Better than home” is a recurring comment. When it comes to food, a nice hotel, a spectacular gym. Even sex!

Why is this so?

“This hotel is better than being home. The decoration style, the sunny room, the nice breakfast, aw so many things…”

“In Barcelona we eat much better than home. Because of the Mediterranean food, the tasty recipes, these nice restaurants. Hell I don’t want to get back home!”

And the comment that triggers this post:

“Massage with you is much better than sex. The sexual connection with you is deeper, much sexier and better than what —or who— I got back home”.

Unfortunately honesty can be this cruel. It does not awake the tiniest sense of pride in me. So I took my time and talked to this guy. I was telling him that making things work better in a long term relationship is a job for two.

Better than home

When we are traveling abroad everything seems wonderful! And that’s just perfect!

We finally can see the blue sky. Because we have the second to raise our heads. We take some time to swim in the morning. Finally we have the chance to read a bit in that book we started months ago.

Routine is far and forgotten!

This Martini just a short while before lunch!

We also have some quality time to spend with our significant half. It’s about time to take some time!

Working on your sexual connection with your man should always be a priority. Though not just during the holidays.

Now use this better than home hotel and be creative!

Use the shower! Use the large sofa!

It’s your chance to make it even better!

Better than home massage

Sometimes even the slightest differences seem bigger than life.

“Back home I have a masseur. I see him once a week. I just enjoy him so much! But man, was this massage with you an intense experience! I don’t like comparing, but I’ve enjoyed your bodywork like crazy. Because you have a really personal style!”

So also a gay massage can feel absolutely new when you are visiting a different city.

Barcelona better than home

“Home is where the heart is” after the old English saying. So true!

But sometimes home is also where the boredom is. Now you are visiting Barcelona you have the unique chance to experience a new kind of erotic massage for men.

My m4m massage, or male on male massage or however you like to call it. It is a very hot and sensual experience.

My skin to skin intimate bodywork is sexually exciting. Extremely intense! The kind you’ll reach happy ending though!

Check my massage prices, from relaxing massage to naked massage.

Book your massage

Just call me or send me an e-mail.

Paco: +34676648226

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See you soon in Barcelona!

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