Bear flag

Bear flag

Bear flag

The Bear flag and its meaning. What is a “bear-man” though? Why do gay men have this love for bears?

The author of the bear flag

Craig Byrnes was an undergraduate in Psychology by the time he designed this flag. We are speaking about 1995. By then he was involved in a senior project studying the bear culture.

Bear culture exploded in the early 1980, while Craig was a bear lover himself. He thought it could be interesting to have a symbol to represent this community.

Today Craig’s design is trademarked.

Stuff in common: bears and men

There are some kinds of men who resemble more of a bear than others. Guys with facial hair, hairy body, big and strong body, sometimes with a belly.

There is also an emotional aspect very common to most bears. The idea of the “Teddy bear” is the one of a toy that gives you warmth and tenderness.

It is a common feature to many gay bears: they are caring guys, looking tough but having a warm heart.

Despite sometimes appearing as rough or rogue, even aggressive.

The bear flag

The bear flag is used to represent this subcategory of the LGBT community. As you can see, it is an inclusive flag. Because it has many concepts in mind, not just skin color and the different hues a bear can have. We all know there are white bears, black bears, brown and rusty ones.

Colours of the bear flag

So these are the colours of the bear flag:

  • Dark brown
  • Orange/rust
  • Golden yellow
  • Tan
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black

These are colours of the different bear types and also some of the different human skin tones.

The paw print

Similar as the Leather pride flag, the bear flag has an additional icon on its top left corner: a paw print.

This paw print is the one of a bear and it completes the meaning of the flag. The design of colours flag only would barely be a random striped flag, but using the paw print on it makes the meaning much clearer. To my point of view it adds a fun grin to its whole meaning.

Besides, being a bear is also about lots of fun!

Bear pride

I am proud to be a bear. At the start of my job as an erotic masseur a fellow masseuse told me “you should shave your body hair and wax regularly”. As I was listening to her words I was absolutely aware what a big mistake this would be.

Because I have always been searched for by many guys just because my bear profile. I am tall, strong, hairy, sport a beard and have a masculine yet caring attitude.

And all this absolutely reflects on my massage style.

I am also proud to be uncut. It’s understandable that many guys clip their foreskin for whatever reasons. Though I was born with it for some reason as well. And there are lots of bear men who also prefer uncut guys.

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Big warm bear hug!


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