Barcelona memories

Barcelona memories

Barcelona memories

“Barcelona memories 2016 have a relevant part with you. This year I tried tantric massage for the first time. Fortunately I did it with you”.

This year I have served many more tourists than ever before. They say Barcelona is booming with tourism. So it might be true!

I must say quality tourism in Barcelona is also increasing.

Fortunately my customers focus on quality and reliability. So not just on finding the cheapest masseur.

Barcelona memories for gay men

Barcelona has become one of the most interesting gay cities in the world. Because Barcelona is an open minded city where gay men can show their feelings on the street. Nobody will interrupt your sweet looks, your hug with your husband. Not even your kiss.

And the city is also offering an amazing variety of leisure for gay men. From cuisine to architecture, from clubs to beaches. Early morning to late night!

Please check also my post on gay tours Barcelona for some handy ideas!

From gay sauna massage to cruising areas.

From the youngest to the oldest. There is always something interesting to do!

Gay men know it, and the word of mouth is spreading fast around the globe.

Barcelona memories and massage

“After such a busy day walking and standing so many many lines I needed a massage. I used some search engines. Then I found you. You are offering a bit more than what I actually needed. But hell am I happy with this incredible experience!”

A massage is welcomed most of the times. Massage can fulfil many different goals and needs. From soothing feet massage to releasing tensions o your stiff back.

Many gay men just like to see a “two in one” experience though. Having their bodies worked with a nice massage. And afterwards having some even more intimate release.

Erotic massage as i see it is a whole body experience. Sexy intimacy. Skin on skin and body to body contact make it hotter though!

Barcelona memories pictures

“I shot like 2 thousand pictures in just three days. The most important image though will be kept in my memory. And that’s your jaw-dropping massage”.

We tend to identify memories with images. And there sure is a picture you can show back home. The funny living sculpture on the Ramblas, she beautiful sunset on Port Olympic.

The erotic massage you’ll have with me will be a totally different kind of memory though. It is a sensual memory, something you had experienced on your skin. Intimate sphere is as complex and as easy as this though!

Book your next Barcelona memories

Plan your gay massage with me with some advance.

“I didn’t know you have such a busy schedule! I’ll make sure this won’t happen to me again next time around!”

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There is much more to know and to enjoy!

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