Barcelona gay souvenir

Barcelona gay souvenir

Barcelona gay souvenir

Barcelona gay souvenir is the gay experience you’ll take home from this amazing city! Not just to remember its peculiar style. Also for your personal pleasure!

Barcelona souvenirs

While some people buy stickers, some buy Gaudi’s miniature dragons. Then some other prefer having a very expensive dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant.

One man, one taste —so one man one preference!

Many gay men are visiting Barcelona like once a year! Yes, Barcelona turns out to be a very popular gay travel destination. Because more and more gay men are coming on a regular basis to enjoy all the benefits the city is offering.

Did you already discover all Barcelona has to offer though?

Weird gay souvenirs

Gay men —including myself— can be very special when choosing a souvenir. We might not be searching for the mandatory fridge magnet. We tend to buy special objects. And we also choose to live up outstanding experiences.

  • The Chocolate tour
  • The ancient taverns tour
  • Museum of erotica
  • Museum of torture

Are just examples. You name it!

Personal Barcelona gay souvenir

I once served a young man who told me this:

“A very good friend of mine told me he was having sex in every city he visited. With a true citizen of that city. He called it “Around the world in 80 fucks”. Since I prefer massage I just adapted his idea to my preferences: “Around the world in 80 massages. So you have been my souvenir. And glad to remember!”

As you can see there are tastes for everybody!

Intimate Barcelona gay souvenir

Other men feel terribly lonely when traveling alone.

“So many hot men everywhere. I am not the gay scene guy, let alone Saunas and Baths. My taste about men are difficult to match. I like’m hairy, tall, strong, masculine. So when I found you online I knew I needed to spend some time with you”.

Addictive Barcelona gay souvenir

“I know souvenirs are to remember a place and a moment. Your massage instead had a very addictive effect on me. I need to come back to have your massage once and again”.

An addiction could have never been this positive and healthy! Because massage as I see it is for your well-being and enjoyment.

Order your Barcelona gay souvenir

It is as easy as contacting me. You can use many ways to reach me:

Phone: +34676648226

SMS: +34676648226 and also whatsApp.

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See you in Barcelona!

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