Balanced masseur

Balanced masseur

Balanced masseur

A balanced masseur is exactly what the most balanced clients are looking for. Let’s see why!

This is what many customers are telling me. Maybe they are a bit tired of weird guys or even impostors, guys who don’t have a clue about massage. Let alone being grounded.

Because balance is always relevant. In all aspects of life. But specifically when we speak in terms of emotionally and attitude wise.

Lastly, you expect a professional service. Being balanced is a guarantee for this to happen!

Balanced masseur

If you need balance, on whatever department, you’ll want a balanced therapist. How can you seek balance in someone who’s not?

“You are the perfect balance of excellent bodywork and the right casual attitude! Keep it going!”

“Amateur masseurs feel fresh because they improvise. You too, though you know exactly what you’re doing. And this is what I wanted!”

There are many more testimonials I got recently highlighting this idea.

Gay balanced masseur

Giving release means you know what it is. Giving extremely hot sensual excitement also requires knowing what it is and how to build it up.

It is difficult for me to express this idea though. I mean I understand all extremes. Some men prefer a peaceful therapy while some others need a wild wrestling bodywork. Eroticism is a world with many hues, shades and colours.

“Your bodywork feels natural. You give all the different spice at the perfect moment and in the perfect amount”.

Oftentimes I point out that mine is a very passionate massage.

Balanced massage prices

You’ll be able to find a quite wide range of prices. From suspiciously cheap guys to absurdly expensive masseurs.

“You are on the pricey side of prices, but your service is absolutely worth it!”

“Cheap masseurs are terrible. And have awful studios. And I don’t want one of those Dolce & Gabbana model escorts either. Because I hate arrogance! You are in the middle of extremes. So this is why I chose you”.

I am this tall and hairy masseur you can see on the pictures. Some guys tell me:

“You are a spicy and very sexy daddy!”

And some others tell me:

“You are experienced, I don’t want a teen-ager who is clumsy and new to everything. I want a real man. Because confident men as you make me horny!”

Balanced masseur in Barcelona

So now you are visiting Barcelona you’ll want the best gay massage!

I can serve you in my gay massage studio in the city center —the true city center! It is a lush studio fully equipped.

I am also available to travel to your hotel.

Out-call massage service is one of my favourite because I like to visit new hotels. So I never charge transport!

Finally, you don’t have to be gay to choose our service. Me and all the exclusive masseurs team working with me are serving all kinds of men with all kinds of requirements. Just call me and let’s discuss what you need.

Contact me.

See you in Barcelona whenever you need me!

Let me also suggest some male escorts for those who prefer their kind of service.

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