Axel Hotel Barcelona Massage

Axel hotel Barcelona massage

Axel Hotel Barcelona Massage

Axel Hotel Barcelona Massage is a special and intimate massage service you’ll eventually wish to enjoy.

Even the hotel being a gay business it might be relevant to you to keep things in full discretion.

If you think you deserve the best customer service and a fair massage price you’ll call me. Hotel Axel is lacking in customer service, not only for massage service but for all kinds of attentions a host might need.

Axel Hotel Barcelona Massage

Enjoying a massage in your hotel room is a more and more frequent wish for all kinds of men. Indulging in such a sweet and sexy pleasure is frequent. And, hell, you deserve it!

It’s time for  the best Axel Hotel Barcelona Massage.

Treat yourself to an amazing massage. But don’t be fooled by undercover escorts who don’t know a word about sensual massage.

Hire the best Masseur

You will be able to find a bunch of ready masseurs trying to sell their service around the hotel. Take a close look at them and you’ll instantly see they are no masseurs at all.

You wish to enjoy the best service available. The best massage, the best erotic massage and obviously the best gay massage.

You don’t hire escorts if you are looking for a massage. And the other way around. Just don’t be tricked into a 15 minutes jerk-off or a 10 minutes fuck with no soul nor satisfaction.

Choose Paco at Axel Hotel Barcelona

It’s easy to jump over all these tricks and traps. Just call me and you’ll have the true Tantra massage, the true erotic massage, performed by a sexy professional masseur.

Check my professional website:

That’s me: Paco. You are welcomed to check my website to see in full depth what man on man massage means to me and to my customers. You won’t find another masseur not even close to my quality standards in Barcelona, not to speak about that so-called gay Hotel.

24 hours Axel Hotel Barcelona Massage

The masseurs available at Hotel Axel are hired by the hotel. They obviously have a time schedule and quit their job around 8 PM. So not always available when you need them.

24 hours studio Massage

I am working 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. Sometimes I accept late night calls and early morning calls, just when you need your massage and when nobody is around.

Do you prefer coming to my gay massage studio? I can also welcome you at my studio, just 1 block from Hotel Axel, on the intersection of Aribau with Diputació.

As you see I can offer much more than any hotel. With me you can choose among 11 different massage therapies and prices, from 90 to 400 €.

Finally, just give me a call and find out more details about my service. I will be happy to answer and of course honored to serve you!

Paco: contact me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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