The new anal massage discovers some forbidden pleasures

Anal massage

The new anal massage discovers some forbidden pleasures

Anal massage is a whole and delicate experience. Consequently much beyond just plain massage!

This special kind of bodywork is a whole discipline inside all the Tantric techniques. While many guys identify it with Prostate massage there’s much more to it. We call the anus the end of the intestines, the door that opens your body to the world.

This is a very special stimulation kind. So go on reading and you’ll probably need it!

Anal massage and Tantra

Tantric massage sees the anus and the prostate areas as the connections to the Earth. Additionally, it is the Chakra number 1. So the carnal connection to nature and the real world outside ourselves is just here.

Your soul rules your individuality. And your uniqueness needs a direct connection to others and to the rest of the world. The anus and prostate are this door.

So open this connection and you’ll discover a whole new world of sensations. No just that. You’ll discover new kinds of pleasure!

Erotic massage

The goal of anal massage and prostate massage is the sensual pleasure. You can also call it erotic massage.

And erotic gay massage is for your intimate enjoyment. So we are talking about sensual pleasure as well!

I make sure all the grips used for anal massage are sweet and caring. Since the goal of my erotic bodywork is not hurting but pleasure I am using very specific techniques.

I want to stress the fact that I’m offering a professional gay massage service. As the opposite to amateurish or directly poor performances offered by fake masseurs.

Anal massage techniques

We use several techniques and several positions for you to lay down. It sometimes depends on your own unique preferences though.

  • Sphincter massage
  • Black kiss massage (rimming)
  • Anal erotic massage
  • Prostate massage

We call “black kiss massage” a simulation of the black kiss on your anus. It feels very close to the real black kiss because we just master it!

You can request us to use a dildo. You can also bring your own toys.

Please contact us if you are thinking of specific gay fetish massage fantasies.

Anal release

We are finding more and more men who are able to climax without using direct penis stimulation. This is the anal release! A Climax you’ll achieve just by stimulating your anal area.

These anal apotheosiss are absolutely possible and more frequent than you might think! Do you wish to try it?

Book your best massage

If you are visiting Barcelona you have the chance these days. Make your mind up before it’s too late!

Please call Paco: contact me!

Please be welcomed to Tantra Touch Gay as well. Check all the exclusive masseurs masseurs available!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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