Gay massage in Amsterdam

Interactive massage Amsterdam

Gay massage Sitges is the service for gentlemen who know what they want. Namely the highest massage quality and the most handsome masseurs performing it for you.

As you know, Sitges is one of the most popular gay destinations on the Mediterranean coast!

The short distance between Barcelona Airport and Sitges makes it really interesting for more and more gay men to visit this beautiful fishermen village, also for the weekend or extended weekends.

Sitges is packed with many interesting gay spots: gay bars, restaurants, gay gear shops and a bunch of nudist beaches. Also some very interesting upscale golf fields. Not to mention amazing hotels and luxury apartments!

Our masseurs in Amsterdam


Reizz is this young Brazilian. His facial beauty is probably the first think you’ll be glued to with your eyes. But there is so much more about him! His talent for sensuality is way above the average, and his creativity to seduce you and bak you to the highest clouds can be overwhelming. Try his interactive tantric massage for a start, and you’ll maybe want to spend a whole weekend with him!

That’s what we call the coaching. And Reizz masters this!

Male masseur in Amsterdam

As you know, this city is a unique symbol for open minded lifestyle. In all sorts of aspects, from night life to Coffee Shops, and lately also about the extremely necessary sustainability to make sure our planet will not collapse.

Besides all this, and since the early 70s, Amsterdam is one of the most relevant gay travel destinations worldwide. Talk about mixtures, about origins, styles, ages and preferences go gay mena, and you’ll find Amsterdam at the top of the list.

All these years of experience have significant impact on the expected quality about any sort of services though. And this is precisely why we have Reizz advertising his services here!

Please be safe and make your booking for the next day, since Reizz is usually booked out for the next hours, so last minute is absolutely impossible!

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Naked gay massage in Amsterdam

More and more gay men around the world are choosing erotic massage instead of escort services. The most important reason is playing safe in all aspects. Don’t risk your safety, your health, your public profile or your money!

Now you need to know Reizz is focusing on the most demanding gentlemen. He does not offer short massage sessions —so no 30 or 45 minutes sessions!

Now it’¡s time to take your decisions, or contact us so we can help you to make a choice!

Outcall gay massage

We still don’t own a massage clinic in Amsterdam —our headquarters are in Barcelona! Anyway, we are certain you are visiting Amsterdam for tourism or business purposes, so this will be probably be the most convenient option fro you: Reizz will travel to your location!

Despite being so young, Reizz has already some huge talent to make sure discretion is guaranteed at all times!