Amir new gay masseur

Amir new gay Masseur Barcelona

Amir new gay masseur

Amir new gay masseur just joined our team in Barcelona!

Though there are many reason for us to pick him among many candidates. So what are all the reasons?

Amir new gay masseur

Amir has al the smiling fascination of a humble and laid back young man. What first seduced us is his amazing smile!

So he is just as wonderful as he looks! We like so much this frank first impression. He looks nice, and he is!

Many of our customers value the fact they can choose among different profiles.

let’s check the other masseur profiles first and then we’ll get back to Amir.

Gay masseur Team

As you maybe know already, Paco started alone in 2011. Gradually some masseurs have been joining him. The reason is not only adapting to the customers’s different preferences. Also the fact that being a team we can serve many guys at the same time.

In 2011 Tyson and Paco started offering an amazingly hot 4-hands massage. Since Tyson is a black male and Paco is a German caucasian, we called it “Black & White”.

Paco is a classic sort of man. Hairy, masculine, mature. They call him the daddy masseur. So very expert. He has been in this industry since 2003. In fact, he is giving his knowledge further to the younger guys joining the team.

Then Paco met Matt in 2014. Matt’s incredible flexibility to perform different services made him a very relevant partner. Since then they are also offering the hottest 4-hands massages for individual men. They say it’s a jaw dropping experience! Though we are also serving gay couples and friends.

Leo contacted Paco a few years ago. Leo has been serving gay massage in Ibiza and Bilbao in the past years. Though he finally settled in Barcelona. Leo is a cheerful and frisky young guy! Smooth, defined and passionate in all sorts of erotic massages. Leo also masters therapy massages! You definitely need to meet him!

Jack and Paco have been friends for a long time. Jack finally decided to join the team in 2016. We both have a very specific segment of customers! Precisely the guys who prefer alpha males.

Then Angelo showed up. Despite his shy approach to massage he is very successful! Because many gay men like Caribbean cinnamon skin!

Like this, we are already doing fine.

Amir new gay masseur talents

But one day Amir showed up. The light in his smile literally illuminated the room. So we decided to test him.

Amir adores this job. To us this is an extremely relevant fact. Guys who don’t like to give massages and are in just for the money don’t make our day. Either our customers’ day!

So Amir received some additional training from us. Just to make sure we are on the same wave-length.

These are Amir’s unique talents:

  • Facial beauty —amazing smile!
  • Very nice and sexy body
  • True talent for sensuality
  • Erotic and giving approach to massage
  • Intuitive: he can guess your wishes
  • Honesty

In other words, he’s a treasure to discover —for many of our recurring customers. Also for new customers who prefer his exotic face and body!


Now you have one more choice. All of us are so proud to be a member of this tea. Me adore our job because it is our calling.

You can book Amir for in-call visir at our gay massage studio in Barcelona.

Though he is also available for Hotel calls.

Just call us and ask for his availability!

Paco: +34 676 648 226

Meet Amir soon in Barcelona!

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