Amateur massage: benefits and risks

Amateur massage

Amateur massage: benefits and risks

Amateur massage has some benefits. Though also some risks. Unfortunately there is nothing perfect on Earth!

As every coin has a reverse face. While you’ll be taking advantage of certain assets, the hidden face of amateurs is not so cheerful.

Read here everything you need to know about amateur masseurs.

Amateur massage

All jobs on the world suffer from impostors. And impostors are this juicy issue for many Hollywood movies.

Unfortunately it’s not only on the movies. Because they oftentimes take ideas on real facts.

Though you don’t want to be in the skin of any random movie character! Not the tacky ones for sure!

Chances are you will run into amateur guys though. Wherever you go. A tooltail bar, a barber shop, a psychic.

These places are usually the “easiest” and the “fastest money making”. So they are the riskiest places to go.

Because financial crisis has beat millions of citizens. And that’s not a fun subject to talk about. Many guys are very desperate to make some easy money. Whatever the means and the job. Especially when serving absolutely unknown customers. Customers who are not expected to call back, for the record.

Of course I understand and respect almost every man. Sometimes we have to take bold decisions to sustain our dignity. Some man have to fight really hard to make the money to pay the bills.

The sad side though is always the one that has an effect on you.

Since money does not grow on the trees, you want to be safe. Also when looking up gay massage directories.

Excellent amateur massage

I found amazing amateur masseurs in Barcelona. Since i love massage and I need it as well, I have been testing many masseurs in my city. Reasonable prices, talented, nice and polite guys.

In a very few number though. Because finding them is a matter of good luck.

Unfortunately these excellent guys move on in their lives. Some of them are back to their previous jobs. Some others have moved to smaller cities with less competition.

Hidden amateur massage

Of course the best way to discover all sorts of gay masseurs is trying them. As you guess, amateurs are not always tagging themselves into this category. You will bump into them when you least expect.

Though the hidden ones are the worst. Because they are not only amateurs but also impostors.

While writing here I always go from the idea you want an excellent massage. Also a polite guy and a safe environment for your money.

How can you detect fake masseurs? The first contact is their website. As in all other jobs, best professionals hire the best marketing team. The quality of pictures and the communication style are some good criteria to start with. That’s something you can sense in the way and the place you find them.

Some guys don’t even have a website though. So they advertise on massage directories and escort pages. Those directories bring together the best and the worse. You are left to your own devices in this case. You should also be aware that not all pictures are genuine.

“I chose this guy because he looked amazing on the photos. As I opened the door I was facing somebody else I did not choose. So I gave him some money for the taxi and had to pass for that time”.

Amateur massage: benefits

Let’s not talk always about the dark sides though! Amateur masseurs can also have some advantages:

  • Cheaper prices
  • Passionate
  • Willing to have sex with you
  • Spending more time

Nice guys have this advantage! Because they want to compensate lack of quality with some extras! Do they feel guilty?

But don’t be a fool! Professional masseurs are also passionate about their job! Well, this is my point of view! And nice masseurs also don’t mind spending more time with you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of chemistry!

The difference is of course at the core of the subject: the professional way to serve you. Professional and genuine masseurs have the right training, the experience and the guarantee.

We will still be here the next time you call.

Expert masseur

Erotic massage is my calling. I am passionate about my job as well! This is the way I make my living, so my only job. So my full time job!

Gay massage studio

That’s why I also have my own gay massage studio. Since this is my full time job. And because I also help other masseurs by lending them my perfectly set massage rooms.

My studio is absolutely professional. It is my working place so not my residence. We don’t cook here. The ambiance and the smell is always clean. The goal is serving you the best gay massage in Barcelona!

To make sure I match all your expectation you can call me. So we can discuss all the points that matter to you.

Paco: contact me!

My only goal is your satisfaction. If I think you’ll be better served by somebody else I’ll help you as well. Let me introduce you to these young gay masseurs in Barcelona.

For some special services please check Benito: gay escort Benito.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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