Amateur escorts

Amateur escorts

Amateur escorts

Amateur escorts are more and more frequent in Spain. Nothing against them! Just a small checklist for you to know some facts though.

Some of my closest friends happen to be escorts —professional escorts for the record. So what I know about their personal lives and their professional issues is all first hand testimonials.

What customers tell me about escort services is also first hand information! And we don’t need to call it escort-leaks though!

Amateur escorts

Since economical crisis in Spain has pushed many young boys —though also mature men— to offer sexual services. And escort services are believed to be a fast and easy way to earn money.

Some of my friends state that all escorts must be amateurs. Because —to them— this is not a true job you can learn or be trained for.

In my opinion being an escort can also be a calling. Since I know escorts who just love their job! They specialise in many aspects to get better, they train in new skills and in specific directions. From social skills to foreign languages.

Go on reading and don’t miss the bottom content of this post to meet Matt!

This is what a very different kind of escorts told me though:

“I hate this. I will quit this job as soon as I can find me a regular job”.

The difference among escorts are not only the reasons that pushed them to offer their services. The most relevant is the way they face this job.

“This is my calling. I like serving men, I have fun doing it and I’m out the closet. My close friends and my partner know where I’m earning my money from”.

Amateur escorts and money

“This is a fast way to earn money. I can pay all my bills and also save some money for my dreams. Only this way I will be able to buy me a car some day. I also need a plastic surgery on my nose”.

“I’m helping my family. Mum, dad and sister are unemployed. And this is better and safer than dealing with other stuff you know”.

All human beings handle money in a different way. And escorts are no exception. I could not find a specific way escorts see money. All of us are human and we suffer passions, preferences and troubles alike. So it does not depend on your job. You just see money how you see it regardless of your job.

But it also does depend on your income status!

“Money is never enough. Because the more you earn the more you spend. I think I’m trapped in a spiral”.

Amateur escorts and limits

Amateurs are everywhere, in all kinds of jobs. Some professionals call them “intruders”. Sometimes even “impostors”.

Those amateur guys know just a small amount of all the professional tricks let alone the true job skills.

“You don’t need to know anything to be an escort”.

Somebody told me this recently. Well while this is true for amateurs, I think this is the worst insult for a professional escort. An escort needs to master quite a lot of stuff to offer a good service. And much much more to be excellent!

Nevertheless, amateur escorts have lots of limits and can be very picky in all departments.

“Please don’t kiss me. Please don’t touch me. Sorry I am only a top. Please send me a face picture. Not now. No hairy men. No Asians please”.

And zillions of other surprising and weird personal limits.

I can tell you professional escorts are quite more flexible.

Though honesty is never a bad asset, it is also useful not to fail when serving certain customers. I believe honestly can take you much further than silence. And when silence means accepting some stuff you don’t feel comfortable with, you’re on the bad track though.

Short term escorts

Honestly, amateur masseurs and amateur escorts alike aren’t lasting a long time. They come and go in the blinking of an eye. They are unable to set up a proper business. Much less offering the guarantees a brand can have.

To them the first disgusting experience with a customer will bring some unbearable dissatisfaction. Patience, discipline, constance and hard work is not for those short term amateurs.

“I can’t use an elevator, sorry, not visiting you at floor 34. Only one digit stories”.

This is true, believe it or not.

As soon as new escorts face the real life they feel frustrated. The result is no word of mouth, no recommendation, and a shrinking amount of gigs.

Wrong reasons to be an escort

“Someone told me I could make €1,000.00 a day”.

This is also true. As long as you have some experience, many regular customers —and the right marketing services.

It takes some time to build up a business though. Whatever type of business!

Young men who believe this statement usually are failing to succeed. To them this is the only reason to work as an escort though.

  • Quick money
  • Having fun and meeting sexy guys
  • The “Pretty woman” syndrome
  • A life like in the movies

There are many kinds of movies about escorts. The fairy tales and the dark dramas. And all of them have a true side of the real thing. As everywhere, there are no lights without shadows.

“I like it so much when my customers take me out shopping”.

Unfortunately this happens seldom. You can’t count on this. I personally think this is not good to accept. Since you are already making your money with your job. I’d feel like a doll, I’d feel used. I prefer to spend the money wherever and whenever I need it. So not just to be shown off.

Escorts are not always meeting the sexy daddy who is married and leading a second life. Many customers are regular men, both gay and straight, who just need a release. Guys next door, or even your boss at the fast food restaurant.

Professional escorts

The pros though are not just the most handsome men, as you’d think. Many highly professional and successful escorts are not the Versace, Armani or Dolce & Gabbana models.

So you even don’t need to have an XXL dick.

Of course some style, taking care of nutrition, leading a balanced life, grooming and sports are also relevant.

Many professional escorts are regular guys. But they have the trick for personal seduction. I know some of them and believe I’d never thought what their job was until they told me.

Succesful escort in Barcelona

One of the most successful escorts in Barcelona is Matt.

Matt is not the youngest anymore though —as some customers say. He started at the age of 19 and he is now 26. He has a brilliant future ahead though!

Matt masters seduction, tenderness, complicity and —of course— sex!

Matt is very experienced!

You can have more information about Matt on his professional website:

Sharing some time with Matt will help you have a sneak peak. This way you’ll be closer to understand the hidden dimensions of being a professional escort.

You can also order him for an erotic massage. Matt is also available to spend some time hanging out together. This is what we call having a boyfriend experience or a romantic dinner with him. It’s your decision!

If you have questions or suggestions about this post please feel free to contact me!

Paco: +34676648226

And visit my website or blog if you need to know more about my limits at this job!

See you in Barcelona!

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