Alpha male

Alpha male Jack

Alpha male

Alpha male is the name that scientists are using to tag a very specific type of mammal.

Though alpha male is not only about breeding.

When we speak about humans it is also about an attitude.

Alpha male definition

What is an “alpha male”. In one word, a “breeder”. We know this is a very simplistic adjective. So let us elaborate a bit more the meaning.

The alpha male is the individual who has earned the special position in his group. By fighting, by experience or wisdom. So it is not only about strength but also about intelligence.

This makes them the leader of the group and also the one who chooses the female(s) to breed.

So when we speak about gay alpha maser, we are the ones who choose the sexual partners. Oftentimes. But not always!

I guess that in natural selection (as in Darwin’s theory) this has set the path to create the lineage of the genetically most robust.

Dogs, wolves, lions, apes, horses and deer have alpha males.

Nowadays some very competitive societies are also using alpha males for their hierarchy rankings.

For example business —as is stock brokers— and sports.

Beyond alpha male

Deep down we don’t agree with the sexist discrimination of human beings in different levels. The worst is that some of these groups are seen as “lesser” than others.

Because all os us are human beings! With the same rights.

Though we understand that many customers have absolutely legitimate preferences.

So we are using this term just to describe a specific style of man.

This way we think we can help you find the therapist style you prefer.

Alpha male massage

We don’t know what’s the reason. But many men who call to ask for our physical profiles are making sure about our virile and masculine assets.

We also have proof that effeminate masseurs are not in demand. During past years we have worked with some guys who offer this specific attitude —though having zero requests. We tried!

“I want a masseur who’s in charge. Masculine, virile, leading. And also strong, hairy and with high stamina”.

So meet our team:

Jack, Paco, Tyson, Angelo, Matt and Leo. Or check our gay massage directory for Barcelona.

Hard to choose?

Alpha male Jack

Jack is oftentimes tagged as “butch masseur“. Because he is huge, extremely muscled, hairy and with some sexy tattoos.

Jack can play the dominant role fore guys who are requesting role play. Because domination and many similar fetish massage practices need a guy like Jack!

Despite his aggressive looks he can also be a sweetheart.

Jack is an extremely expert masseur! One of his most special assets are his enormous dick and his extremely huge testicles.

Alpha male Jack

Alpha male Jack

Alpha male Paco

Paco is even taller than Jack. He is this well built masseur you can see on the photo.

Paco is this young daddy masseur, also hairy, with his sexy treasure trail. He is one of the most expert tantric masseurs.

Always elegant and masculine, Paco is earning amazing reviews from all his customers.

Paco is also the uncut masseur. It may sound un-interesting, but there are many uncut dick fans out there!

His most popular massage menu is the 90 minutes naked massage.

Alpha male Paco

Alpha male Paco

Alpha male Matt

As you can see, even all of us being alpha males, each one has his own special features.

The most captivating asset of Matt’s is his huge and sexy dick. Matt is a very well endowed masseur. Though we are all! But he likes to focus on this trademark.

Matt is offering very special services that range from erotic massage to male escorting. Just check his website and see his special prices.

Alpha male Matt

Alpha male Matt

Alpha male Angelo

Angelo joined our team recently. He is the tallest of all uf as, with almost 7 feet. He is also extremely well endowed. He is very masculine, in his own Caribbean style.

Angelo masters amazingly well done massages! Trust him for the 90 and 120 minutes naked massage sessions!

Alpha male Angelo

Alpha male Angelo

Alpha male Leo

Besides being a tough guy, Leo is also very frisky! Do you like virile men who also have this talent for fun and witty conversation?

Well, Leo is also extremely hot and daring in his erotic services! You can’t miss him while you are visiting Barcelona!

Alpha male Leo

Alpha male Leo

Alpha male Tyson

Finally, there is also this urban myth about black men. Extremely well endowed, butch, masculine and excellent lovers. Also dominant.

That’s all true when we speak about Tyson. Tyson is very talented for the receiving massages range, this means the relaxing massage and the prostate massage. Though his most requested menu is also the naked massage!

Alpha male Tyson

Alpha male Tyson


Booking any of us is very easy! Just call and ask for our availability.

Paco: +34 676 648 226

Please feel free to contact us also if you need more information. Though this website and blog has already all the most relevant information. But maybe you did not find it.


See you soon in Barcelona!

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