Accepting credit cards and new apps as Bizum

Accepting credit cards and new apps as Bizum

I am also accepting credit cards, though it’s a very old payment system which has some disadvantages. Anyway, you can use it you to pay my gay massage service in Barcelona.

It’s relevant to stress that if you are in a hotel please ask me to bring along the credit card terminal. Ideally while placing your booking.

There is also some additional information you need to know.

After you read this information please get back at this point. We’d like to introduce you to our full gay massage directory for Barcelona.

Accepting credit cards

I am accepting all major credit cards except American Express. Pelase check the list here.

Most convenient massage service

This is one more feature for your convenience!

To many men this is one more proof of my professional guarantee. Because the banks in Spain are only providing credit card payment terminals to serious and licensed free-lance professionals. So not to mention reliable and legally established enterprises.

More convenience features are also:

Relevant about accepting credit cards

There is one more information piece you need to have in mind.

As you know, in Spanish citizens use credit card payment less often than other countries’ citizens. The reason is not only the habit but also how the banks are managing the commissions they charge.

Because we are still paying a huge amount of commissions every time we pay and charge using the “plastic money”.

So both consumers and shops in Spain try to avoid the use of credit payment. At least they are not promoting it, as we are certain you already noticed.

In our case the matter is even worse. International credit cards —from accounts not based in Spain— suffer a even higher percent rate of commissions.

So we have no other option but to increase the charge by 10%.

For example, if you request a 200 euros interactive tantric massage the price will be 220 euros including the bank commissions.

A trick many guys are using is paying half via credit card and half cash. For instance, 100 euros cash and 110 on the credit card. If this helps you, we are really happy!

Since we do care about your convenience!

Absolutely all shops are suffering from these abusive bank commissions. We also strongly disagree with these policies. However, we have no influence and have no say about it.

The result is that many guys, once they know this fact, choose to pay using cash. Solved!

So paying cash is a way to tell the banks their policies are abusive. This is a very little effort but after some time I am certain it will have some effect.

Instant money transfer apps

Bizum is the most popular app almost all Spanish citizens are using for contactless and immediate payments. You just need to have a Spanish bank account and of course your smart-phone. The app is dong the rest! No commissions, absolutely safe! And also much quicker than using this cold credit card terminals.


No, thank you. PayPal also lost its interest to us. We cancelled out account and don’t want to get back for the time being.


Exactly as it happens in Spain, credit cards are used mainly in emergency situations. Whenever you have no chance to use your hard earned cash.

So be wise about using your “plastic money” in Spain. My advise is always planning your day ahead to know what is your budget. This is also a way to control your expenses.

You will also realise that some smaller purchases can only be done in cash. As a coffee, a drink on a terrace or some little grocery items.

If this is not enough information about our service please contact me. I will be happy to hear your questions and suggestions. I will also try to get of my way to adapt to your special requests.

Paco: contact us!

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See you soon in Barcelona!

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