90 minutes massage

90 minutes prostate massage

90 minutes massage

90 minutes massage is the ideal time length to enjoy some excellent bodywork. Because one hour often falls too short.

This is what a customer told me today:

I was starting to unwind… precisely when I was forgetting about everything in my life… and boom! Time was over! I wish I had scheduled a longer massage with you!”

Sometimes I can stay longer and offer you the additional time you want. Many other times I’m unable because I might have another booking, so I need to leave. I always honor all of my requests and of course I never want to be late!

Shorter than 90 minutes massage

One hour is the perfect time length for many men in a rush though. Some gentlemen need an erotic massage with release. Time flies, and one hour seems a lot of time if you have a busy schedule. But one hour is still enough to enjoy, forget about the time and achieve a really satisfying release.

If one hour is what you need this is perfectly OK to me!

One hour massages allow little time for mutual interaction though. But let’s go on exploring what you are about to enjoy. So this is what you’ll get as soon as you book me for your next erotic massage!

Why is 90 minutes massage better?

Who are the 90 minutes massage and even two hour massages for? For all these men who need to create a big bubble in their routine! A bubble big enough to let go and forget about the rest of your life.

While the first 30 minutes of my erotic massage will achieve the relaxation and the calm you need. That’s when heartbeat rate gets lower and your mind starts to empty from worries.

You then enter a world of bliss and sensual enjoyment.

From then on we are going to be starting a true man on man choreography of sensual communication.

Since I allow touching each other in the Extremely Erotic or Naked massage, we will start a truly engaging experience of discovering each other.

This is a very sexy moment, so you won’t want it to finish too soon.

90 minutes massage features

Unlike other Tantra masseurs, I allow you to touch my intimate parts as well. This makes a big difference. Because it turns our massage into something mutual. 90 minutes massage is the most popular massage these days!

Because it is the natural and expected evolution for every man. From just a passive receiving massage we will dive into a hot m4m sensual experience.

An extremely hot and horny erotic man on man bodywork!

So what does it all involve?

  • Mutual discovering
  • Tantric positions
  • Feet massage
  • Legs massage
  • Buttocks massage
  • Lumbar massage
  • Back massage
  • Cervical massage
  • Inner legs massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Testicle massage
  • Penis massage —lingam massage
  • Stomach massage
  • Chest massage
  • Nipples massage
  • Armpit massage
  • Hands massage
  • Facial massage

There is much more to a 90 minutes massage! And of course even more to my 120 minutes Extremely Erotic massage though!

The best way to discover is enjoying it! Because there is many an amazing surprise that will feel wonderful.

I can only encourage you to read the testimonials about my massages. These are just a hint of the world of sensuality and pleasure you are about to discover.

Please let me help you if you have any kind of questions! Paco: contact me!

Explore my website and see other fetish massages: exclusive masseurs!

See you in Barcelona!

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