5 lies about Tantra

5 lies about tantra

5 lies about Tantra

The 5 lies about Tantra. Yes, we can all assume there are many false ideas and false information about what Tantra really is out there?

It is about time to put some light about this subject. Not just to have the right information but also because we want to make the best out of our Tantric massage session.

So I bet you’ll feel much safer after reading this. You’ll certainly want to try it with us!

5 lies about Tantra

There are many lies out here about Tantric massages. Well, the right word is “misconceptions” or “confusions”. Because still many men believe what others say without double checking. Some guys even believe in rumors. And after ending up distorted, all these ideas turn into lies.

So it is about time to cast some light upon all this!

Of course experiencing everything for yourself gives you always much better proof of the real things!

Why are there so many lies about Tantra?

Most of the time the reason is as easy as selling no matter what sort of service. There are too many guys —and ladies— out there trying to sell whatever has a little interest. If they happen not to know anything about it seems not to be relevant to them. After cashing your money they say “next!”

These sort of guys think they are in advantage because not all clients know exactly what Tantra is about. In this case please check Introduction to gay Tantra. It will probably help you after reading this post!

The most recurring rumors about Tantra

Let’s summarize them first. Afterwards I will go into each of them in detail.

  1. “Tantra means sex”
  2. “It is the way to spiritual illumination”
  3. “Tantra masseurs are Buddhists”
  4. “Ejaculation is never included in any sort of Tantra massage”
  5. “You need to join a sect”
  6. It’s limited to breathing control
  7. Tantra restricts to prostate massage

As said on the headline, none of these is true. These are all lies with different goals. Though all of them against your own pleasure!

“Tantra means sex”

Tantra is a very complex tissue of different disciplines. From cooking recipes to spiritual guidance.

It is true that it also includes a guide to positions for the sensual act. Like we know from Kamasutra. But taking the whole world of Tantra for just these is a mistake.

“I thought Tantra means anal sex”

If it was equal to intercourse then our services would be all and only about sensual services. While this is not my case. I am not an escort but a Tantric and gay erotic masseur.

“Tantra takes you to spiritual illumination”

This is a likely feasible goal and a real achievement. Of course if you take the long way and its huge wisdom in all its disciplines. Not to mention this road will take about decades.

“I want to achieve illumination. Can we please have a 30 minutes Tantra massage?”

Some men are really confused about illumination or enlightenment. If illumination is this relevant it will sure not take place in 30 minutes. Nor in 30 days. It is the work of a whole life of growth instead.

Since we are in the “pill culture”, some guys think illumination and wisdom also come in pills or in super-concentrated sessions. Well, optimistic men can always give it a try!

“Tantra masseurs are Buddhists”

I am not a Buddhist. And will never be. Since to me Tantra is a tool, and not only a goal. It is a way to share and bring sensual pleasure. Tantra massage is a tool to achieve awareness about sensual pleasure and sensual communication among men.

“I thought I had to read some books about Buddha before having this massage”.

You are totally free to enjoy my interactive Tantric massage anytime. So you don’t need any kind of previous knowledge. It is about your enjoyment!

Which is not a lesser thing!

“Tantra massage does not include release”

Some men ask me this weird question:

“Is release an upgrade? If I want to climax, do I have to pay an extra amount of money?”

Never! Because release is something natural. It is a spontaneous side effect, since it is not the only goal. It comes as a logical result of intimate stimulation.

While to those men who only need release as release this is extremely relevant. I can also understand this!

To me release is a spontaneous part of a very special and intimate whole body experience. It takes you to release only if you want to.

Lastly, I always respect all men who prefer to keep their sensual energy. Sometimes for themselves or after the massage to share with someone else.

Introduction to gay Tantra
Introduction to gay Tantra

“You need to join a sect”

This is the most obvious lie. Besides, my beliefs are about individual freedom. I respect all religions but I am never changing —or trying to change— anyone’s intimate spiritual or material beliefs.

So all customers coming to me are accepted as they are.

You are welcomed no matter your age (older than 18 of course!). Also no matter what other physical or even sensual role preferences!

Need more info?

Did you hear any more lies about Tantra? Do you want to share them?

These are some extremely useful FAQs about my service. Some of these weird testimonials also happen to be very useful to many new clients!

If you prefer trying it for yourself, please contact me.

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