The secrets for a 3 hours erection

3 hours erection

The secrets for a 3 hours erection

Having a 3 hours erection or having a hard on all this time is something uncommon. Though not impossible!

And we are not talking about priapism here.

Such long erections are not frequent but this happens in the context of our erotic Tantra massage.

This customer sent me in his testimonial. I was aware of it to an extent. Though I didn’t know how long he had been hard before my arrival. Either how much longer his erection lasted after I left. I sure noticed he was still hard though.

“Paco, I had an amazing 3 hours erection. I was already hard half an hour prior to your arrival. I was so looking forward to meet you and experience this sexy massage you talk about on tour website.”

“Our two hour session was amazing. I was hard all the time. Call it sensual chemistry or anticipation, but I really enjoyed all of your touching and stroking. The time of body to body contact was also amazing and breath taking!”

“Being man on man naked with you feels really exciting, uncommonly sexy and stimulating!”

“After you left my dick did not go soft. Not immediately though. I was still feeling my heartbeat inside of my penis. Jerking off again was also an option.”

“I kept all this sensual energy you woke up inside of me during the next days. I was going to see my partner three days afterwards, so I just kept it and refrained from masturbating.”

“Sex with my partner was even more intense than usual. We had a true blast. And even after that evening I kept on feeling my blood was hot and wanting. As you can see my satisfaction was beyond limits.”

What is priapism?

First off, where does this name come from? Who was Primps?

Priapus is a Greek-Roman mythological character. The legend says he had a constant erection. He was a middle aged and bearded semi-god, son of Dyonissios —the god of wine and carnal pleasures— and Aphrodite, goddess of sensuality and love. So his origins really help to understand his “curse”. His penis was not only far bigger than average, but also always hard.

Primps, the legendary son of Greek Gods with a huge penis and a persisting erection!

Modern medicine took his name to baptise this erectile dysfunction. So if you ever suffer from a longer than 4 hours erection, “out of the blue” with no apparent reason and no sort of sensual stimulation —no blue pills either—, please head directly to Emergency. This needs to be treated immediately! Seriously.

Though this post about erotic massage has the opposite goal, namely achieve this unusually persisting erection —for your pleasure!

3 hours erection

There is no specific reason for anyone to want a 3 hours erection —that we can think of. If you desire it there must be a personal reason. And you’ll probably want someone to share it with. You might be craving for some really lasting and deep sensual satisfaction.

Being hard is a pleasure. Because having an erection is also a sort of enjoyment. Even if you don’t masturbate, being hard is a very intimate and sexy pleasure.

I also enjoy it, maybe this is the reason for me to have the true talent for erotic Tantra massage.

Some guys tell me they usually masturbate during hour avoiding climax. This is what we refer to with the term edging. You’ll find more information about this by clicking the link.

Finally, just let me mention the fact that our 90 minutes, 120 minutes and also longer sessions are about controlling your climax. Once you achieve it, at the end of the session, your apotheosis turns out to be a very different one. namely different from the couple minutes masturbation.

Powerful, lasting, abundant jets of semen… and a much longer pleasure and satisfaction!

Do you want to try it sometime?

Enjoy our 3 hours erection massage

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