247 gay massage

247 gay massage

247 gay massage

So 247 gay massage means we are open whenever you need us! Because we understand a gay man might need us anytime during the day and the night!

Erotic massage for gay men is a very special experience though. Let’s talk about all the different aspects!

Arriving to Barcelona

You just arrive to Barcelona. Maybe you can’t sleep. Or the time shift is a bit uncomfortable and you know you need some deep and soothing relaxing.

It doesn’t matter wether it’s 1 PM or 1 AM. Because these wonderful masseurs are always available for you.

Massage to counter-fight jet-lag

Because tantric erotic massage is more things in just one. In one single session of one hour or 90 minutes you will both get the peace you need. Besides adding some sensual stimulation that will satisfy you deeply.

Tantric erotic gay massage

Our tantric gay massage is the best service you can hire in Barcelona. Because our skills go beyond just massage and will open the door to sensuality and eroticism. So you will be enjoying a really amazing new experience!


Please visit the testimonials and opinions we are collecting!


Lastly, find out the different massage options. We can offer you 45 minutes massages, 60 minutes, 90 and 120 minutes sessions.

Paco has a 3 level different and increasing erotic intensity scale.

Relaxing massage: calm, slow and peaceful. Ideal to go to sleep!

Prostate massage: the perfect anal stimulation, sweet and extremely hot!

Naked massage: a very inter-active m4m massage, the sexiest game!

Call us and request our availability!

Though we always like to stress the sooner you book the safer you’ll be!

247 gay massage

Paco is always available for hotel calls. 24/7 gay massage. Just e-mail him before you travel or call him as you check in into your hotel.

Besides, there are never additional fees and no surprises!

Cell contact me!

Our other website about gay erotic massage: Jorge.

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