2015 massage trends

2015 massage trends

We have been bombed with an amazing amount of new 2015 trends for websafe typography, cuisine, photography and new ways of sharing transportation and couches around the world.

What about some 2015 massage trends?

There are some aspects that I think are relevant in serving better and better my massage customers. Since it is about service quality I’m extremely interested in all these. But let me also take a step forward and offer some new ideas. All is to improve erotic massage and my specific man on man massage.

2015 massage trends

I believe naturality and spontaneity are assets a masseur needs to have. Well, more than assets, some natural talents. These are difficult to learn and put to work if you don’t feel them.


Naturality is a character asset more than an attitude. It is an attitude only if it is conscious. To me being natural and spontaneous is my normal mood. WYSIWYG as they say 😉

I mention this aspect as a main 2105 massage trend because many customers tell me they like me being honest. I’m not faking groans and sighs. These are a tun-off to me and to many a man.

“Thank you for not faking any kind of groans. I just hate that. I could feel your heavy breathing, it was natural and sincere and thus so exciting”.


I’m not offering other service than intimate man on man massage. The limits to sex are blurry but I do not cross them. This means I am not performing penetration nor oral sex. If oral sex happens then it is the result of a true excitement and mutual attraction. I do not kiss. This is something way too intimate to share.

“I knew your limits, and I was not interested in any kind of sexual intercourse. But you turned me on so much that I wish you were an escort”.

More to come

In the next post I will speak about Reliability, a professional asset that matters more and more to massage customers from all around the world.

If all these aspects and the ones in the next post about 2015 massage trends are appealing to you, I’m probably your masseur in Barcelona.

Find out more information by visiting www.male-masseur.com

Or call me and we can talk: +34 676 648 226: Paco

See you soon in Barcelona?

Matt is the perfect guy for men who wish to contract sexual services.

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