2015 massage trends (2)

2015 massage trends (2)

In the previous post about 2015 massage trends we spoke about Naturailty and the valued spontaneous attitude expected from the masseur.

All of these aspects are relevant to me because they aim to serving better and better my massage customers. This all is to improve erotic massage and my specific man on man massage service.


Honesty has a natural consequence. I won’t like about my availability or the soonest time I can be at your hotel room door or have my studio ready for you. Though I am usually able to be ready sooner than later.

“I was mad at you because you could not give me an earlier appointment. But you made me see that a white lie is much worse and irritating than the truth. I used the time to have a nice shower. And you were on time and really nice!”.


I can hear many a special request. Like using my feet to massage you. Or performing a ticklish massage, or a dry massage without using oils. Or strapping you or speaking german during the massage. Customizing the massage experience for your pleasure is possible as long I have the knowledge.

“I have a fetish with feet. Feel turn me on. Watching them, touching and kissing them. Masseurs don’t let me play with their feet, and I don’t want an escort. You offered a massage using your feet all over my body and this drove me absolutely crazy. I climaxed without even touching my dick. You are one of a kind!”.

Sexy masseur

You can find endless masseur listings with muscle guys showing off huge muscles and huge dicks. My customers tell me they feel a bit overwhelmed by ordering this kind of “hormone animals”. My customers tell me they feel more comfortable and at ease with someone sexy but “normal” like me.

Usually those muscled guys are more on the escort side than on the massage side. A bit too narcissistic, they think you are going to climax by just watching them.

If what you wish is a real and hot erotic massage, better choose a grounded guy. So someone who can give you a true 90 minutes or 120 minutes male on male exciting massage session.

“You are my dream guy. Tall, strong, hairy, bearded. Sexy! And you are also able to give amazingly sexy massages! By the way…are you looking for a boyfriend?”

Next post

Furthermore I think we need a third post to speak about new massage styles that are more requested. It is not only the masseur’s attitude which is relevant, but also the massage styles he is able to perform.

If these aspects about 2015 massage trends are appealing to you, I’m probably your masseur in Barcelona.

Find out more information by visiting www.male-masseur.com

Or call me and we can talk: +34 676 648 226: Paco

See you soon in Barcelona?

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