Therapy massage

Some gay men though need no sensuality in the massage.

You can also enjoy the best chiropractic massage in my studio or in your hotel room.

Just call and tell me what you need!

Back & shoulders

How deep and strong do you want it? Call me and let me know!

This is a very re-fueling and healing therapy.

I am using different grips and percussion massage styles.

30 minutes: 45 €

Feet & legs massage

After walking miles in Barcelona , from touristic site to site you may end your day exhausted.

This is the time to lay back and enjoy some soothing feet and legs massage!

I am using different grips and different pressure on feet, toes, calves and legs.

30 minutes: 45 €

Chest, face and head

A few men suffer from tension on the chest and the face. Head massage is also something we forget, but once we have we think "how the hell could I live without it?"

 Ear lobes massage is also included massage.

30 minutes: 45 €

Therapy combo

Full body therapy massage including all the previous: feet, legs, buttocks, back, shoulder, chest, face and head!

45 minutes: 60 €

60 minutes: 90 €




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