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wanker massage

Wanker massage

“I try to avoid wanker massages. Many guys think they are masseurs but are wankers instead. I like to pay for some professional, sexy and engaging massage. Not for just a jerk-off.”

Eric is not the first customer to tell me so.

Wanker massage

Wanker massage is spreading fast around the world. Guys who need to make money as quick as possible advertise themselves as erotic masseurs, or plain masseurs. Their job is as poor as a masturbation.

“He just told me to take off the pants and jerk each other off. I was looking for a whole body massage so I left.”

“It was more about pleasing him than me. And I was the guy paying for it!”

This is not a warning. It is some in formation for you to know that my job is erotic massage. Sessions taking 60, 90 and 120 minutes are not just masturbation. There is a whole lot more to enjoy!

“Wanker masseurs are not always cheap. They try to convince you they are pros by asking more money.”

Wanker massage vs. erotic massage

The service I am offering is professional erotic massage. My foundation is Tantra massage. Tantra has given me the solid foundation of professional and tender bodywork. My sexy attitude is some special added value. Tantra is not enough for many men who want to enjoy a really sexy and intimate experience. Not just staring into each other’s eyes.

As many men already know Tantra is focusing on meditation, staring each other in the eyes and practising breathing exercises. To many of my customs this is a kind of fake experience.

“Somebody you don’t know previously can’t do this. It feels phoney.”

To me connection of the presence is extremely relevant. Mine is a mindful massage. I am not faking my own enjoyment or connection with you.

“You have the talent to build up something from zero in about 15 minutes. You are really amazing!”

Sexy gay massage

“I really enjoyed the session with you. It is massage, professional, neat, and holding many surprising aspects.”

Tantra is about control. And control is a tool to me. If I let go and just go with the flow enjoying the sexy stuff with you you will have no sense of undergoing a professional massage protocol.

My focus is always on your satisfaction. Paying for a gay massage means you really want to enjoy the bodywork. Sensuality, eroticism and the final release are a consequence of the previous bodywork.

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