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Unspoken testimonials

Unspoken testimonials

Unspoken testimonials are as relevant to me as all the written and published ones. There are many unspoken testimonials because not everybody feels the need to share his experience. Why?

  • Because this is an intimate experience
  • Nobody’s business
  • I am a shy guy
  • Why should I share it!

Unspoken testimonials about massage

How can I transcribe here an unspoken testimonial? Unspoken means this customer did not express in any kind comment at all! Not to mention say it!

There are very subtle ways to review a massage experience. I am interested in knowing what kind of experience each and every customer has had with my service. This si why you’d think I’m worried about this. Not worried but interested!

No testimonials

I am aware there are many guys who don’t want to publish andy review at all. For any reason. Many guys fear I will be disclosing her name, e-mail or any kind of sensitive personal information. Well you can check it and see there is none of these.

Unspoken testimonials

Body language says a lot. We are not used to check, read and understand unspoken communication. Let alone value it! Or we do, but at a non conscious level.

Face expression talks without words. Voice tones. Smiles. Looks. You know sometimes you don’t need a word to sense how the man in from of you is feeling.

How to understand unspoken testimonials

This is a small checklist of gestures that speak by themselves. Allow me please to leave the interpreting of their meanings to your own criteria. Normally these occur in strict silence.

  • Leaving a tip
  • Sporting a big smile
  • Sending a “thank you!” or “nice!” short message
  • Recommending my service to friends
  • Kissing my chest after the session
  • Giving me a big hug by leaving

As I frequently said in previous posts, I am never forcing a conversation. I respect the personal style of everyone. I understand men can be talkative, less talkative and not talkative at all. I adapt to this seamlessly.

Any questions? Suggestions? I will happy to hear from you!

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