Gay massage in Spain
Testicle massage

Testicle massage

Testicle massage is one of the newest massage trends in Europe. It is a long time ago though that I started offering and performing this very specifically anatomy massage. It is a relevant part of my gay erotic massage protocols.

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Partnership and testicle massage

Some gay men are specifically ordering testicle massage. Because testicle massage is something not too frequent. Some partners don’t usually feel like taking the time to do it. Sex in partnership is sometimes lacking these specific requests. Domestic sex gets poorer and poorer with the passing of time. Of course there are brilliant exceptions!

“My partner says it is boring to him to massage my balls. And I like it so much! This is a real turn on! To me it is a part of foreplay. It excites me so much! Your testicle massage on me felt amazing, very sexy and I could have climaxed many times during your job!”

Testicle massage techniques

There are many techniques to massage your testicles. Testicles size matters to adapt the different grips. Bigger balls allow a wider range of grips. Small and tight testicles do also offer a distinctive range of techniques using less pressure and some sweeter caressing.

Testicle caressing

Sweet caressing along the anus and ending at the root of your penis is a sweet way to warm up the testicle massage.

Testicle pressing

Using the right amount of pressure on the testicles is the key. It is easy to hurt somebody by pinching on the wrong spots. I am very careful and always avoid the painful sots.

Testicle pinching

It is difficult for me to describe with words the different grips that I usually using on testicle massage. The nice thing about erotic massage is living it up!

Testicle stretching

This os the perfect grip after climaxing. Not all gay men have felt this pleasure after shooting.

Testicle massage in Barcelona

Now you are planning your visit to Barcelona —or maybe now you are already here— you have the chance to order this amazing massage. I am including it in the medium priced massage menu.

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