Gay massage in Spain
Tantra magic

Tantra magic

“Tantra magic” is the closest way to express how unique and very special the experience can be. With me you will enjoy a whole new level in erotic Tantra massage for gay men.

Tantra magic

“The experience you gave me was far beyond the usual description for a massage. After thinking a while I thought it’s just Tantra magic!”.

Many customers have been using this expression of “Tantra magic” or “magical Tantra” to tag why I’m doing. Maybe they will use this expression more and more after today. Published reviews do have an influence on my future customers, even in an unconscious way. I just know that former testimonials did not have this influence!

Gay Tantra magic

“This kind of magic is not frequent among gay men. Cruising, dark rooms and Saunas leave little space for some really nurturing sexual encounters. It’s not just some sexy stuff. What I have felt with you has been much more, and on a different level. I guess your job involves some precise tricks and knowledge to achieve this Tantra magic”.

It’s a common place I don’t agree with. I mean the expression that “you can’t find a special guy in a hopeless place”.

Even though I’m aware I’m offering some very special and not too frequent intimate communication. Something you won’t find at any corner.

Tantra magic in Barcelona

“My trip to Barcelona has been meaningful in many ways. Beyond expectations! Your Tantra magic has given me back the hope I can find a man somewhere with who I am able to share the most sublime of sex and the most sublime of friendship and communication”.

To me the keywords “sharing” and “communication” are the most beautiful of this review.

It is true: my attitude is not giving “just another massage”. You are not a number to me! Especially a naked massage needs my full attention, intention and attitude. I focus on creating a very special and intimate communication with you. Not just sexy but also tender, sublime and meaningful. This is what “Tantra magic” is about.

Sexy Tantra magic

“I’ve been thinking about these kind of services for years. Literally! I was reluctant because spirituality is not some sexy stuff to me at all. After speaking to you I could sense you bring it all together as a whole concept. And it’s so true. You have this Tantra magic! You do blend sexy with sublime in this so natural way”.

I can’t remember if I already published a post about the different types of Tantra. What I’m offering is red Tantra. This is the sensual and erotic Tantra massage.

Sexual excitement comes together with a respectful massage. I want it to be elegant yet sexy!

“What makes you so special is your Tantra magic. Your personal style is able to turn sexual excitement into an elegant experience. I never had this wonderful aftertaste! Just pleasure without any guilt!”

Tantra magic in Barcelona and Madrid

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