Gay massage in Spain
Silent massage

Silent massage

Silent massage is a more and more frequent request. To many men any kind of music can be disturbing.

Silence allows you to focus on the sensual pleasure and the sexual stimulation of your body parts.

“Can we please have a silent massage? I just want to listen to our skin communication”.

Silent massage

The silent massage has many advantages.

  • Focus on sensuality
  • Listen to your skin communication
  • Focus on scented massage oils
  • Massage in the darkness
  • Listen to your moaning

Silence allows your senses to focus on other stimulations. A sensual massage is a very intimate moment you choose to live up in a precise moment. When your schedule allows a break. When you have the sexual need for it. Or just fancy experiencing some very needed release!

The dimmed light, the scents of the oils I can bring along or even our own moaning. Or no moaning at all.

We can speak about all this and more. Just call! +34 676 648 226

For those who don’t want a silent massage

Another customer asked me this:

“I’d like the playlist to be only instrumental music. Please no human voices”.

Silent massage vs. music styles

Of course I adapt to many of all the possible requests. If you don’t want a silent massage I can bring several playlists with different music styles. From Oriental music to pop music. Also Soul and R&B.

Some customers have their own playlist. it is absolutely OK with me!

Or no music at all! Silent massage is about your right to have it as you wish.

Your erotic gay massage should be the best experience in a long time.

And I will adapt on all departments you tell me to.

Prices of silent massage

Prices for silent massage are exactly the same: Relaxing Massage, Prostate Massage or Naked Massage.

Do you have any other request for your gay massage in Barcelona!

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