Gay massage in Spain
Sex massage gay

Sex massage gay

Sex massage gay in Barcelona. My point of view is the one of a massage customer or massage consumer.

Sex massage gay

Before I create a new massage protocol I always have in mind all these facts.

  • What previous customers have told me
  • How they react to my techniques and behaviour
  • What they appreciate
  • What is them making come back
  • What recurring and loyal customers tell me

I also have them in mind every time before I start performing a massage. And this happens many times a day!

I take my job seriously —well not too seriously though. Pleasure is also about enjoyment and fun, so being too serious would act against the whole thing. Let’s just say I am responsible and aware of what we’re doing. Sex massage gay is my calling and my passion!

Passionate sex massage gay

Yes I am passionate about my job. I do erotic gay massage because I enjoy it myself, and rather than just giving a massage to me it is about sharing an intimate and extremely sexy moment. My attitude is always a generous one. I think more bout what you’d be wishing to feel and do than on my own side.

Prices of sex massage gay

The hottest, most sexual and so-called sex massage gay is the one I’m performing naked. The kind of massage where you can touch me ll over my body. This is a really private, intimate and man on man action massage.

Sex massage prices

Sex massage gay in Barcelona

And this are comments my customers are making when visiting me at my studio in the city center of Barcelona.

“Very easy to find! Just two blocks from my hotel!!”

“What a nice apartment!”

“It smells good here!”

“Thank you, your massage is absolutely amazing!”

“Thank you for offering me a drink!”

What is your opinion? What is your feedback to my sex massage job?

I really hope to see you in Barcelona soon!

Call me if you have whatever question: +34 676 648 226


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