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Sex is intention

Sex is intention

Sex is intention. You need to have the intention to satisfy the sexual hunger to perform a sexual act. Or an erotic massage. Erotic massage is also intention.

Every time I see that old scene on a movie, when the husband is caught in the act having sex with the wrong girl, and the answer is “it’s not what you think it is”. I have to think about sex and intention.

When there is an intention there is a need and goal.

Massage and loyalty

Erotic massage and sex can be very close. It looks like tangent. But it has a contact somewhere in a blurry zone.

“I can have a massage with you. I don’t think it is cheating on my partner”.

I wonder if he told his partner. And what is answer would be.

Of course we all know the differences between a massage and a sexual act.

Climax and sex

Even if you consider that erotic massage is not even close to sex there is a fact that makes me wonder.

“What happens if I climax?”

Ejaculation is a side effect of Tantra massage. It is a purpose to many men wishing to enjoy an erotic gay massage though.

Climax is a relevant part of the sexual act. We can consider it the true goal of all of it.

Male sex is intention

When you are horny yo feel you need to accomplish a sequence of acts. One of them is seeking a sexual partner. When you cannot find a satisfying partner for any reason you will probably find a different way to release.

Being horny is the first step. It proofs there is an intention. Intention happens when there is a will.

Sex is intention and massage is release

Tell us men what we are all able to do when we feel horny!

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