Gay massage in Spain
Sauna massage

Sauna massage

Sauna massage is a bodywork performed in a sauna or bath. Many men prefer having en erotic massage in this specific place rather than in a massage studio or in their hotel room in Barcelona.

Sauna massage

I am offering Sauna massages because many gay men are asking for this specific service.

“Hi Paco, can you please give me a Sauna massage? I will be visiting this sauna in Barcelona. I know they have resident masseurs but I have seen your pictures and prefer having it with you”.

This is how it all started, some months ago. Before this time I have never visited a sauna to perform a massage. I have had requests from saunas to work for them offering this in-call or additional service for gay customers.

I am obviously better off working as a free-lancer. Saunas are paying 20 € to their in-house masseurs. So now you can imagine how happy they are and how giving their attitude might be.

One hour has just a couple more minutes than 40 or 45 minutes. To me an hour is the minimum of 60 minutes time.

Sauna massage in Barcelona

My goal is always quality massage. Intimate gay massage as the one I’m offering since 2002 is a very special bodywork. It involves tenderness, male on male intimacy.

Gay men want it to be as sexy as it gets. This is where my Tantra massage techniques come in very handy. Having this foundation of professional Tantra massage is a guarantee for an amazingly service, exceeding your expectations.

Gay Sauna massage

You will find many listings of saunas in Barcelona.

  • Sauna Condal
  • Sauna Bruc
  • Sauna Termas
  • Sauna Galileo
  • Sauna Casanovas

These are just a bunch of them. The most famous and crowded.

Some of them also offer in-house escort services. There is no way you can choose your escort or your masseur before getting to the location and paying your entrance fee.

With me you will know where you’re at, how I look like and what you can expect. This website and blog explain my massage prices, my Tantra massage foundations and I can even offer many testimonials.

The perfect Sauna massage

If all this makes sense to you please consider hiring me for a really hot and satisfying gay massage.

Call me personally if you wish to ask me specific questions about my service: +34 676 648 226

See you in Barcelona!