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Sacred sex

Sacred sex

Sacred sex is obviously not the same as regular sex. let alone anonymous sex or the kind of desperate sex you can find in dark rooms or baths.

Did I say desperate sex? Well Sacred Sex is exactly the opposite.

What is Sacred Sex

Sacred-sex is a deep experience. It is meant to be mindful, meaningful and emotionally balancing.

To many men it sounds like “silly sex”.

“Well Sacred Sex must be really boring! It sounds half-hearted and dull”.

This can happen if you don’t choose the right professional. As in all jobs, you’ll have to be able to tell the mediocre from the excellent.

Tantric sex is always a very special experience. But let’s go one step at a time.

Sacred sex and Tantra

What does it have to do with Tantra?

Tantra is one of the possible frames to place a sacred experience. You’d also be able to have Sacred Sex in the context of Yoga or any other approach to spirituality.

Tantra is one of the safest frames to explore Sacred Sex.

Professional Tantra masseurs don’t have to be necessary offering Tantric sex, but many of us do.

The one writing this post is Paco. I’m currently not offering Tantric sex. But Matt is. Matt is also a Tantra masseur and we are working together.

Matt is the best option for Sacred Sex in Barcelona. Check his pictures on

Sacred sex and Tantra

You’ll be wondering:

“I can’t tell the difference between Tantric sex and Tantric massage”.

The words “sex” and “massage” describe different kinds of bodywork. They have never been synonymous.


While massage just needs a receiver and a giver, sex is about a mutual bodywork.

To perform a massage, the professional is using his hands, forearms and sometimes his chest and feet.

Sex needs the use of mouth and also the sexual organs as penis and anus.

Mutual stimulation of all these mark the difference between an erotic Tantra massage and Sacred Sex or Tantric sex.

Why is Sacred Sex so special

Tantra needs the consciousness of your present moment and actual space. And also about the will you are currently engaged in the actions you really desire to do.

“Sex is something I always want to do, so what is the difference?”

The main difference is your attitude and your awareness. You can have sex in a rather routine way or you can block out all the world and forget about troubles, jobs and family life.

Creating this bubble in space and time is the first step to enjoy some real Sacred Sex.

When you start focusing on the intimate actions you are about to share you are starting to have Sacred Sex.

It is a mindful sharing, giving, taking of sexual stimulation. It is like a dialogue.

“I had Tantric sex with you and it felt like an improvised choreography. We did not have a plan but it felt like we were dancing to a music we both knew by heart”.

This is a very nice description from one of my customers. Just follow our lead and you’ll dive into this amazing experience.

Sacred pleasure

Tantric sex will allow you to enjoy a sexual stimulation and a much longer time of pleasure.

When you eat a piece of chocolate and you stop to focus on the smell, the texture, the taste and how it melts in your mouth you are having a Tantric chocolate.

This takes an obviously longer enjoyment. When speaking about Tantric sex, the memory of it will last forma long long time.

“I had a Tantra sex session with you four years ago. I still have very fond memories of it. I sometimes jerk off to its remembrance”.

I can also remember all of the Tantric sex sessions I had.

“I never felt as deeply satisfied —sexually speaking. And I never felt as hot and as horny as the days after that session!”

Sacred Sex in Barcelona

You want to share Sacred Sex with somebody you love or you like. Somebody you feel sexually attracted to.

You might be traveling alone or with business colleagues. Your sweetheart is staying home. You miss him. He’d be the right one —the best one!— to have Sacred Sex with.

But you can also learn some new stuff to teach him once you get back home.

Being “very single” also happens sometimes. This is the time and the chance to choose a very sexy young man to share Sacred Tantra with.

  • It is a ritual
  • It needs time
  • It needs peace and relaxing
  • This is a deep experience
  • Choose the excellent professional

We master it. Just call us and find out.

Out-call Sacred Sex

Matt can travel to any hotel in Barcelona. The transportation is included in his service price.

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