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rainy days in Barcelona

Rainy days in Barcelona

Rainy days in Barcelona don’t have to be sad or boring at all! It is just a matter of adapting to the mood you’re in today.

Rainy days in Barcelona

Rain can be soft, almost like a spray. But oftentimes rain in Barcelona is quite hard. It might take 5 minutes in the spring or in the fall. Winter rains can last much longer though.

Music for rainy days in Barcelona

My customers tell me “do you have this specific playlist for rainy days?”

  • Nin non — Lluís Llach
  • De mica en mica — Joan Manuel Serrat
  • It’s raining today — Scott Walker
  • Too Many Kids Finding Rain In the Dust — Nicholas Jaar
  • Here comes the rain again — Eurythmics
  • Rain — Mika
  • Funeral in the rain — Chris Isaak
  • September in the rain — Sue Raney
  • Here’s that rainy day — Nancy Wilson
  • Here I stand and face the rain — aHa
  • Raincloud — Lighthouse Family
  • Europe after the rain [single edit] — John Foxx
  • Walk out to winter — Aztec Camera
  • Blasphemous rumors — Depêche Mode
  • Tears in rain — J. F. Sebastian
  • Tenderness is a weakness — Marc Almond
  • Back to black — Amy Winehouse
  • Man from Reno — Scott Walker
  • Hier encore — Charles Aznavour
  • Parce que tu t’en vas — Marie Laforêt
  • Wie vor Jahr und Tag — Reinhard Mey
  • Solenzara _ Alexandra
  • Flugzeuge im Bauch —Herbert Grönemeyer
  • Abbracciami — Nek
  • Una rotonda sul mare —Fred Bongusto
  • Un bucco nella sabbia — Mina
  • L’uomo che amava le donne — Nina Zilli
  • Sogno — Gianna Nannini

What to do on rainy days in Barcelona

Many of my customers have been asking me this question. My first answer has always been:

“Well, you started the right way by enjoying a massage!”

From here on we could discuss personal interests. Museums, restaurants, specific quarters when you can walk around finding little cosy bars to shelter when that rain falls harder.

Out-call massage for rainy days in Barcelona

The most convenient is you order a massage right to your hotel room. This way you are going to save taxis, time —and staying dry and comfortable in your room.

The prices of my out-call massages are exactly the same as in my massage studio.

You don’t even need to withdraw money from a cashier on the street. I can bring the credit card terminal to charge your card. Please tell me so, I’m not always wearing it with me.

In-call massage for rainy days in Barcelona

Rainy days have this special mood. Daylight in Barcelona feels different on rainy days. It is greyish, the light is dimmed but the air feels transparent.

It is the right light to lit up the massage room with candles, burn some sandal and create an intimate atmosphere.

Many customers tell me this on rainy days in Barcelona:

“Your lovemaking massage feels intimate, sweet and so special. As we had known each other for a long time. Rainy days in Barcelona can be this special!”

This is especially true for these rainy days in Barcelona. That’s when we fancy this special and close intimacy. Gay erotic Tantra massage is able to build up this mood in a heartbeat.

Is it raining today? Are you in this intimate and sweet mood? Or maybe depressed?

Cheer up! Call me and let’s discuss your sexiest massage in ages.

You can also ask Matt to serve you:

Paco: +34 676 648 226

See you —in a dry and cozy space!