New gay masseur Barcelona Matt

New gay masseur Barcelona

New gay masseur Barcelona: introducing Matt, the hung! Matt is a young and very handsome masseur. Matt is available for out-call massage in your hotel room.

Matt: the new gay masseur Barcelona

Matt recently arrived to Barcelona and is struggling to start his job serving erotic massages for gay men. Matt is also serving bisexual and straight men, as Paco is doing.

New gay masseur Barcelona stats

Matt is 1,79 cms tall. His built is strong and athletic, as you can see on the pictures. You can see more naked pictures of Matt on

Matt is just 26 years old. Sports are a relevant part in his daily life, and he takes good care of his balance of body and mind.

New gay masseur Barcelona Matt is bisexual. This means he is also serving ladies and couples. Matt has a high stamina and is ready to serve the most challenging clients.

4-hands gay massage Barcelona

Matt and Paco are offering an amazingly hot and sexual 4-hands massage. You can enjoy them at the same time just for you, as an extremely selfish way to satisfy yourself, or you can share us with your partner. No problem on switching masseurs during the session.

New gay masseur Barcelona for out-call

Matt still does not have a studio to welcome you in Barcelona. These days he is only able to serve you at your apartment or in your hotel room. Matt is serving out-call gay massage to any hotel in the area of Barcelona and Sitges. He is not charging travel fees for taxis.

New gay masseur Barcelona availability

Please call us now to find out Matt’s availability for today and tomorrow. He usually needs a two hour notice.

Please call us to check his availability. Paco is answering: +34 676 648 226. Please mention you wish to be served by Matt.

New gay masseur Barcelona goes further

For those who think erotic massage is not enough, for those who wish to go further than just erotic massage, Matt the new gay masseur Barcelona can also perform sexual penetration. He is a top, so it will be him penetrating you. This also means he will not be performing oral sex on you, so rather the opposite. You will have the privilege to see, touch and have his amazing dick inside your mouth.

Yes, do look back at the pic. No retouching needed!

Ejaculation control and Tantra: New gay masseur Barcelona

Be careful not too climax to soon. You will feel extremely excited and turned on and you know climax can come a bit too soon. Matt will use blissful Tantra techniques to control your ejaculation.

Please call us to check Matt’s specific rates for sex. Paco is answering: +34 676 648 226. Please mention you wish to be served by Matt.

Don’t stay there just wondering. Take action and call to set up your meeting with Matt.

You are welcomed to check more information and Matt’s naked pictures on

See you in Barcelona!