Gay massage in Spain
More than massage

More than massage

Fancy a bit more than massage? That’s us! Paco and Matt. We are the sexy masseurs pushing the regular therapy massage into a new world of sexy bliss. Because we want our massages to be ecstatic and almost sexual pleasure.

So if you are visiting Barcelona just take a small break from business schedules. Allow yourself to discover this sexy experience!

“During the massage I was thinking what the hell is this! It’s a massage but it’s also much much more! It felt so sexy, so warm, so pleasing… I never wanted it to end!”

More than massage

Massage is our foundation. We build everything, all the erotic tricks and the sensual experience on top of massage. Because massage is the soul that carries the whole session. Some men have been telling me this:

“The soul of your massage is your sexy body and your sexy attitude. It all feels so natural. All in you flows that way, free and improvised. This is a man enjoying his job and taking you to the edge of sex!”

There is a protocol for all the different massage menus we can offer you. Since each massage menu is different in grips and erotic intensity, though all of them are enjoyable and pleasing. The goal is always your pleasure. So the goal is more than massage.

Men want more than massage

Because our customers are straight men wanting a bit more than massage. Sometimes to discover this ticklish feeling insider their stomach. Call it curiosity. Or call it a test.

Bisexual men desire sharing a nice moment with a male masseur to enjoy this secret side of their sexuality. Though more than massage is the best way not to over do it.

And gay men know everything! There is nothing a gay man has not tested in his life before! Come discover some more than massage with us in Barcelona this time!

Please check our best options here:

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First-timers want more than massage

If you are this first-timer then you should consider discovering this very special massage. Because it’s a new experience that will give you both emotional and physical satisfaction. Live it up so you understand it!

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