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Naked massage

Naked Massage

Having a Naked Massage is a privilege. Not all masseurs feel comfortable with being naked and not all masseurs allow you to touch them. Do I?

What is Naked Massage!

Yes, I can offer you an Extremely Erotic and nude massages. It is the most complete and elaborate massage therapy you can have these days. It goes way further than other similar therapies offer by similar erotic masseurs.

The obvious goal of a Naked Massage is intimate communication. We can touch each other, explore and discover our bodies. Yes you can touch me. We are two males and two buddies sharing this intimate moment of excitement and bliss. You will forget about the world and all your worries.

Nude Massage effects

My Naked Massage has a “magic effect”, as many customers tell me. You will feel desired, complete and fulfilled. Sexual satisfaction is the highest a massage can ever give you. And you will always feel safe during the whole massage session time.

Nude Massage price

My Naked massage is the most special session, the only therapy I perform totally naked. It takes ideally 90 minutes. One hour and a half is the ideal time to go through all the amazingly sexy, virile and exciting positions and techniques. You will walk the full landscape or male eroticism with me during this time.

Everybody has a schedule. Some customers tell me they need to compress all this in a 60 minutes massage session. No problem! But there’s more: I can also offer you a 45 minutes session, with shorter body to body massage time but the same feeling of highest voltage sexual excitement.

60 minutes Naked Massage: 200 €

Enjoy the full hour extremely satisfying Naked Massage session.

90 minutes Naked Massage: 300 €

This is the full Naked Massage session. The protocol includes your choice of showering together. You can achieve several climaxes.

45 minutes Naked Massage: 150 €

This is the compressed Naked Massage session. Amazingly sexy, though fast and furious.

Nude Massage features

For this Nude Massage therapy I will be using all the erotic massage resources, grips and positions included in all other massages. Plus nudity and mutual touching. This is an ideal massage for anytime 24 hours. It has to fit your needs and desires.

The new massage menu: even more daring and sexual! Tantra fusion!

Please check the other massage menus as the Medium Erotic —also called Prostate Massage— and the Relaxing Massage.

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