Gay massage in Spain
Massage for asian men

Massage for asian men

I am frequently asked “do you offer massage for Asian men?”. It is a surprising question. I have never been asked “do you massage black men?” or “are your services also for caucasian men?”.

Recently I found out why Asian men are asking.

I am serving all kinds of men. Erotic massage and gay massage are —to me— universal. I don’t make differences among races, origins, religions, age or social status.

Massage for Asian men

And yes, I do perform gay massage for Asian men!

“I am from Singapore. I am Asian. Can you serve me anyway?”

This was a question from a young man some 6 years ago.

“Do you mind serving Asians?”

And this was shortly after. My answer is always “of course!”. I could not think of a different answer, nor for the reason why so many Asian men are asking!

Gay massage for Asian men

Gay massage is universal. This is my belief. Massage for asian men is as massage for black men, massage for caucasian and massage for arabic men. We are all human beings.

Why are Asian men asking this?

There must be a reason! I have tried many times to know the answer for my question as a reaction to this strange inquiry. And I recently did! And I felt terrified and angry.

“Well this guy in the States rejected me. He said he was not serving Asians. I wasted my money and my time. And I felt so frustrated because I was really attracted to this guy’s physical profile. So I decided to make sure next time!”

Another reason an Asian customer himself told me was also a sad reason for me to know.

“Do you mind serving me? I am a very small man.”

Again, I need to point out that my service is universal.

A masseur I know very well once told me. Please let me warn you this is an extremely silly and unprofessional statement!

“I don’t feel attracted to Asians”.

Each and every masseur should be serving Massage for asian men and everybody else. This is our job, not a boyfriend casting. It is not a job to please ourselves but to please all the men who wish to enjoy a wonderful bodywork.

Please call me if you have any questions or suggestions. I will be very happy to serve you!

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See you in Barcelona!