Gay massage in Spain
Massage expectations

Massage expectations

Massage expectations are different for everybody. I am very aware of it. Some men talk to them before starting the massage, and some others talk after finishing the session.

Those are different moments that earn different sorts of comments. On this post you’ll find some relevant testimonials. They are useful for you to be safe by choosing your gay massage in Barcelona.

Massage expectations

“I admit I was thinking about having sex. I searched for some escorts. But I also wanted something more intimate, some sweet skin to skin contact. More like some passionate love-making. You made my day!”

Erotic massage comes close to love-making. Especially my 90 minutes Naked Massage. It is as sweet and as sexy as it gets!

“You did not miss an inch of my body. But you also took care of my emotional needs. Your bodywork is more than just that! You got deep under my skin”.

Expressing massage expectations

“Paco, I’d like to feel some very sexy man on man action. Can we touch each other?”

With comments and questions like this it is easier for me tom recommend a specific custom-tailored massage menu for the customer.

“I heard about spiritual Tantra. Is this what you are doing?”

Yes, the spiritual and peaceful dimension is also one of my talents. Many men want just everything. The meat-eaters menu and the vegetarian, all in one experience:

“Can we start with some very relaxing and spiritual massage, and then go really hot and nasty?”

Sure. My talents range from peace and calm to a hurricane-ish experience. From sweet vanilla to some very daring and sexual bodywork. Just ask for what you wish.

Discussing your massage expectations with me is really easy. And safe!

Paco: +34 676 648 226.

Other kinds of massage expectations

Not every customer is very clear about what he desires. Many men don’t know how to express what they wish. A bunch of guys told me “let’s see how it develops”. They don’t have a clue. They leave all doors open. Just let go and enjoy: it’s also a very good choice!

When massage expectations don’t fit

It also happened. After a massage a guy told me:

“I had a massage some 10 years ago in Sumatra. I still remember it. And I was dreaming on having the same experience again”.

Logical thinking will give you the answer: 10 years have passed by. Different time. Different place. Even different masseur! This customer described his dreamed massage after finishing mine.

I am always striving for perfection and fulfilling. A satisfied customer is my goal. But it is so obvious that sometimes, like for guys like this, I need some previous descriptions or orientations.

Because your massage expectations do matter to me!

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