Massage discount Barcelona

If you are a military veteran, an airline crew, a student or a repeating customer you can apply for a massage discount Barcelona. Enjoy my amazing massage!

Massage discount Barcelona

You can now enjoy a 10% discount in your gay massage with me in Barcelona!

This discount is available for US military veterans, airline crews from all airline companies worldwide and repeating customers. Students under 25 years of age are also welcome to enjoy an amazing erotic massage with a discount.

Please mention this post when contacting me. It is relevant for you to send a face picture in uniform.

Gay massage discount Barcelona

I will be very happy to serve you with my best erotic gay massage in Barcelona! It is easy to ask for a massage discount Barcelona: just contact me using whatsApp and remember to attach a face picture of you displaying your uniform.

Hotel massage discount Barcelona

Massage discount Barcelona is only available to serve erotic massage in your hotel room. Taxis are included in the final price.

Massages in my studio are not available for discount. It is important you have this in mind. Massage studio is subject to additional rent fees and is also subject to the official and legal opening times.

Gay massage discounts Barcelona

These are the gay massage therapies I am proud to offer you. Please check the discount and the final price for each massage menu:

Extremely erotic 120 minutes massage: official price 400 € — With discount 360 €

Extremely erotic 90 minutes massage: official price 300 € — With discount 270 €

Extremely erotic 60 minutes massage: official price 200 € — With discount 180 €

Extremely erotic 45 minutes massage: official price 150 € — With discount 135 €

Prostate erotic 60 minutes massage: official price 150 € — With discount 135 €

Relaxing erotic 60 minutes massage: official price 120 € — With discount 110 €

Relaxing erotic 45 minutes massage: official price 90 € — With discount 80 €

You can check the full range of massage menus visiting my professional website

The difference between these massage menus is the erotic intensity. Extremely Erotic is way hotter and way more sexual than the Relaxing massage. If you have any questions about the different massage menus please contact me over the phone: +34 676 648 226

Gay massage no tips Barcelona

I usually do not ask for tips. I am aware this is not the regular way you do it in the United States and in Arabic countries, where tipping is usual and sometimes compulsory. In Europe tipping is optional, and it means you are very satisfied with the person serving you.

I am usually getting huge and extremely generous tips for my massage service, even though I never ask for it. My customers are very satisfied and are usually calling back as soon as they have a chance to come back to Barcelona.

It is obvious that for people asking a discount will never offer a tip. Anyway, if this is you please have it ready just in case you change your mind: because you will enjoy an amazingly hot massage with me beyond any expectations 😉

Easy contact

To apply for a Massage discount Barcelona please contact me using whatsApp: +34 676 648 226