Gay massage in Spain
Massage and role play

Massage and role play

Massage and role play are a dangerous combination! As dangerous as exciting!

We all know what a role play is. It is a game consisting in playing a character. Role play could be playing:

  • Doctor and patient
  • Policeman and criminal
  • Delivery boy and customer
  • Military and hostage
  • Daddy and son

Or whatever you wish. If you have a specific request I will be very happy to listen to you!

Why massage and role play?

Erotic massage is a special experience. Many men wish it to be a moment when they can enjoy additional fantasies.

Sensuality is not just what you do on your skin. Your mind and your emotions do have a role here as well.

Combining a sexy bodywork with a sexy mind game should also be an option.

Gay massage and role play

I never planned to offer a role play together with my massage therapies. This option is the result of specific demands I have faced during the past years.

“Paco, your massage seems to be a wonderful experience. I’m asking you though if you can go a bit further. ?’d like to play a game that turns me on very much. I’d like you to be my doctor!”

A very special request was this one, when Alek was still in Barcelona:

“Since Alek is your son and you play “Daddy & Son” I’d like to join you in your 4-hands massage as Alek’s cousin. Can we do this?”

Of course we did and it turned out to be an extremely exciting experience!

Massage and role play in Barcelona

I am very aware these are some very special requests. Ands my customers are aware than not every erotic masseur gives in to play these games.

Going the extra mile might be easy for some requests. Building up a story and playing a different character from who you are is an additional effort.

Only the genuine will to do so gives you a chance to succeed.

“Thank you for listening to me. And the way you acted was absolutely stunning! This has been not only the best massage but the most exciting erotic experience in my life!”

Booking your role play massage

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