Gay massage in Spain
Massage afterglow

Massage afterglow

Massage afterglow is an amazing side-effect of my gay Tantra massage. I’m welcoming you to learn the amazing 5 effects gay massage Barcelona can have on you.

What are the effects of erotic massage on gay men. These are some reviews or testimonials about my erotic gay Tantra massage.

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Massage afterglow

“I felt so much like coming back from a trip to somewhere unknown! This is an amazing massage afterglow. Don’t speak to me please!”

My erotic Tantra massage has this effect. Some men tell me they have felt like in a trance. This is a positive side effect. It is a consequence of finding the disconnection of your mind. At this point your mind drifts freely to thought you rarely have. Call it like a dream. The sexual excitement might sustain this flight or get you back to reality. Every man is experiencing this in a different and unique way.

Temporary amnesia

“I can hardly remember what I did and where I was before meeting you. I heard about this kind of amnesia that happens to people who suffer a car crash. But to me it’s only good. I was so stressed and so worried. Now I see things from a higher perspective. I feel just brilliant!”

Relaxing after a massage is always needed. Many men feel the need to sleep. This is the time to let go and stay in those magic landscapes you find during my massages. This is a reason to enjoy your massage in your hotel room. You’ll have plenty of time to stay in bed.

Peace of mind

“I feel so clean in my mind an body. Bad vibes are left far behind. This is like reaching a new shore. Hell I don’t want to get back to real life!”

These magic states of peace, balance and serenity are usually short instants of happiness. Some men are able to stretch them in time to enjoy them for hours. The little effort pays off!

Loaded with super energy!

“Sex is always giving me some powerful energy! And you have given me a really intense excitement! Watching you, touching you and feeling so stimulated by your masculine energy has given me wings. I feel like having to swim, run and eat!”

Stimulation can also have the empowering effect on many men. Engaging in sex or in extremely intense eroticism under my gay massage can also have this effect.

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