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Male multi climaxing

Male multi-Climaxing

Male multi climaxing means having many orgasms in a row for us men. Just with a few minutes in between each ejaculation. How can you achieve this amazing pleasure?

These are some tips and tricks to unleash this extra wild pleasure!

What is male multi climaxing

As the word already indicates it means having multiple orgasms. Yes, by a man!

In the last 20 years women have been famous for being able to achieve multiple orgasms in a row. Nobody ever mentioned us males when speaking about this subject.

The real fact is that it is less frequent for men to experience multiple orgasms. This means it is possible tough! Less frequent but possible. And I have seen it many many times.

Male multi climaxing testimonials

And it is. I have had many customers having two and three —yep, up to five!— orgasms in a very short time frame. Usually my sessions are 60 or 90 minutes. And climaxes occur in the last 15-20 minutes, but sometimes also from the very beginning.

“I didn’t know I can cum more than once! This has been surprising to me!”

“It is the first time happening. But —hey welcome!”

“Di you count’em with me? Five times right?”

The guy who came 5 times in a row did it during this broad time frame of 45 minutes. The first 15 minutes of the massage he was getting hotter and hotter but I never thought there’d be five ejaculations ahead.

He told me he had experienced different kinds of orgasms. In fact he came as a result of different kinds of stimulations. I am not hitting the same key all the time!

He had a testicle orgasm, a prostate orgasm, a sphincter orgasm, a nipples orgasm and finally a regular penis orgasm.

He wasn’t surprised at all. He was thankful though!

“Masseurs usually stop their bodywork once I achieve the first ejaculation. You have been amazing because you just changed gears and discovered many other spots that also take me there!”

Male multi climaxing techniques

Spontaneity is a key factor. Many men asking to have 3 orgasms in a row have a blocked mind. They just see the goal but don’t want to go along the path I try to show. It is relevant that you unwind totally, and this is my job.

So we are two guys rowing on this boat. You have some responsibilities and I do have some others, but it is relevant we are rowing in the same direction.

What I need from you:

  • Unwind
  • Forget about specific goals
  • Lay back and let the masseur do his job
  • Don’t pressure yourself
  • Be spontaneous
  • Move and groan according to what you feel

What I will be doing

  • Relax you and calm you down from stress
  • Find your spots
  • Stimulate your erotic spots
  • Use my secret tricks
  • Trust me!

There are some secret tricks I got, and I won’t share them here. I just can tell you it is what I learned during my 10 years plus experience as a Tantra masseur. I served thousands of men. I have been able to collect an amazing amount of information in the shape of experience. And I am a man as well so I know how it feels and how to get there.

Male multi climaxing obsession

The downside of male multi-orgasm is nothing but obsession. This is why I insist on relaxing and trusting me. Men who are obsessed about this idea are usually blocked and this unable to unwind and just enjoy they time.

“Why is everybody speaking about this and I can’t have it? Damn!”

This is not a lottery. It is something you can really have and enjoy. Tantra massage techniques teach how to have it.

It may sound contradictory but you need control to stop control. Only at this sate of bliss and sublime abandoning yourself you’ll get there.

Obsession and fixed ideas are never a good advisor. Let’s talk about it and we will sure find the best way for you to enjoy an amazing multi-ejaculating massage session!

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Does it sound sexy? Do you feel curious about experiencing it?

Maybe you are one of the few men who already know yourself this much and you are used to have multiple orgasms during your sexual encounter. Well I am your masseur in Barcelona!

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