Gay massage in Spain
Macho masseur Barcelona

Macho masseur Barcelona

A Macho masseur Barcelona is a masseur as Paco or Matt. Tyson is also extremely virile. So you got three macho masseur Barcelona to choose from.

Macho masseur Barcelona

What is a macho masseur? We match all of these following criteria, which are usually conditions for very specific requests. Gay customers fancy macho masseurs most of the times.

  • Virile masseur
  • Tall masseur
  • Strong masseur
  • Hairy masseur
  • Tattooed masseur
  • Well endowed masseur
  • Expert masseur
  • Leading masseur

There are some more talents we have. You will experience our amazing bodywork in private. That’s the place and time to get to know it all.

Macho masseur Barcelona for out-call

We offer our erotic gay massage as out-call service.

  • To hotels in Barcelona
  • Directly to your room
  • Discretely reaching your door
  • Not charging taxis
  • Available 24 hours
  • From Monday to Sunday

Macho masseur Barcelona for in-call

Matt, Paco and Tyson do have their own studios.

Matt’s studio is in the area of Sants, close to the railway station. Please contact Paco or SMS Paco +34 676 648 226 in advance. Matt is very requested!

Tyson’s studio is conveniently located in the Gay Eixample area. Where all the gay bars are. Please contact or SMS Paco +34 676 648 226 in advance so we can schedule the best timing for you! Tyson’s studio is extremely cozy and clean.

Paco does also have a very elegant studio in the intersection of Arago and Balmes. Close to the best hotels in Barcelona. Call me to set up your best Macho masseur Barcelona experience: Paco +34 676 648 226.

Macho masseur Barcelona prices

All three macho masseurs share the same criteria for pricing —except Matt, who is only serving naked massages.

Please check our macho massage prices.

Our erotic massage menus go from Relaxing to Extremely erotic and naked massages. Prostate massage is one very specific therapy we are also offering. In our hands it is a blissful experience!

Contact your macho masseur Barcelona

As easy as calling Paco: +34 676 648 226 or sending him an SMS.

Please be specific about your request. Your macho masseur Barcelona will answer asap.

Explore and Matt’s own website: to see him naked. And admire his huge tool!

See you in Barcelona!