Gay massage in Spain

Jerking off masseur

My job goes much further than just those plain simple jerking off masseur’s. That’s not erotic at all and you can probably do it yourself. If you wish to enjoy a pleasing and satisfying male on male bodywork in Barcelona, that’s me!

“Your job has been really amazing, Paco. I expected that regular jerking off masseur you can easily find everywhere, but your bodywork went really further. You build up a really hot male to male intimate atmosphere, very special, almost sexual but respectful and with no restrictions that I could sense. It’s difficult to explain though”.

Jerking off masseur

This customer did a really accurate description of our massage session. I’m not that regular jerking off masseur because I believe eroticism and male on male intimacy is build up on many other things that are involving communication. Skin on skin communication is a wonderful way to connect and to explore male sexuality.

Massage is a game compared to sexual intercourse. Massage is a game because it plays around for a longer time, it explores the moment and it guesses which path to follow along when a new crossroad shows up in the game.

“There was no protocol that I could see in your session. It all flowed naturally, there was no pressure on jerking off each other, it all felt improvised and so very pleasing. I never wanted it to end!”

Jerking off a man is not erotic massage. In fact when a massage session is limited to that this is a very frustrating and deceiving service. Everybody know how to jerk off himself. You don’t need to pay a masseur to do something you can do whenever and wherever you are.

Erotic male massage is much more, it is about building a whole intimate atmosphere, a sexy moment with mutual exploration, body to body contact.

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